Country Comes To AM In Orange And San Diego Counties

Kik Country 1510 KSPA Kow 1450 KFSD Ontario San Diego Art AstorAstor Broadcasting has flipped 1450 KFSD Escondido and 1510 KSPA Ontario, CA from Business to Country.

Kik Country 1510” and “Kow Country 1450” are both positioned as “Bringing Nashville To Southern California”. Both changes are a return of sorts for the company.

The “Kow” brand was utilized on 1450 under its original KOWN call letters until 1990. The “Kik” brand was utilized on 1510 as Classic Country KIKA paired with former sister 94.3 KIKF Garden Grove. KSPA is licensed to Ontario in San Bernardino County, but operates from studios in Anaheim with the majority of its coverage directionally pointed towards Orange County.

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  1. Dr. Akbar says

    Music on Ancient Modulation! Why didn’t the Nurse and I think of that?

    1. davideduardo says

      Not only that… but I am amazed that the ownership is living so far back in the past that they think that a station that does not put a daytime 5 mV/m signal over any part of Orange County is really an Anaheim station.

      A weak signal may have worked in LA in the Mighty 690 distant past, but today it takes around 10 mV/m to get any rated listening in the LA metro.

      On too of that, the area where 1510 has its best signal is not a rated area.

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