A New Evolution For 93.5 Miami

Evolution 93.5 W228BY Miami All Things Dance Pete Tong Marco Mazzoli Stefania PittalugaiHeartMedia Dance “Evolution 93.5” W228BY Miami/100.7 WHYI-HD2 is relaunching under new management.

Promoting that the station is now free of “No big corporations, no managers, no rules, no nothing”, the station is apparently being operated by a group led by Italian host Marco Mazzoli, who hosts afternoon on Milan’s “Radio 105 Network” from his Miami based studio, and his wife Stefania Pittaluga. Mazzoli also hosted “The Italian Brunch” on W228BY in 2013. Pittaluga registered new 935Miami.com and Evo935.com domains for the station last month.

Evolution 93.5” is promoting a complete relaunch on Monday, May 11.

We are on air!!! Ready for the revolution?

Posted by Evolution935 on Friday, May 1, 2015

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  1. JayR says

    iHeartMedia Dance “Evolution 93.5” W228BY Miami/100.7 WHYI-HD2 is relaunching under new management.

    Will we still be required to download the iHeartRadio app to listen to it? If so, then “big corporation” is still in charge.

  2. Destructor says

    Not necessarily.
    iHeart carries other companies’ stations on their apps. Still if there’s no other way to hear it other than iHeart’s platform, they should think about changing that.

    Local is always better. Good luck to them!

  3. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    I wasn’t expecting an impact on Ft. Lauderdale’s 93.5 (W228BV); however, the newest Facebook post refers to “add[ing] coverage”. Of course, “coverage” might have been used in a different context–although at least one reply there may have thought of it in terms of the signal.

    1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

      Some newer comments suggest that they’re trying to boost the signal (to the south)–or even acquire another signal (again, to the south). Either way, the previously mentioned “Bull” (to the north) appears to be unaffected.

  4. only1moore says

    I’m surprised that they are keeping the Dance format intact, but somehow this rebranding does look more like a smokescreen.

    1. ksradiogeek says

      I’m honestly thinking it’ll stay Dance. Look at the operator’s network in Italy. Europe has always been a hot bed for Dance music. I don’t see it going anywhere.

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