FCC Applications 6/7: Pair Of Stations Sliding Closer To Phoenix

Station Moves

FCC Applications Modifications Construction Permit Oldies 97.3 KIKO-FM Phoenix 1TV.com’s “Oldies 97.3 KIKO-FM Claypool/Globe, AZ is attempting to make a move to better reach the east side of the Phoenix market. KIKO-FM seeks to shift to 96.5 and upgrade from a Class C3 to a Class C with 32kW at 981 meters (Coverage Map). To make the move happen, Petracom Hot AC “96.5 The Storm” KRFM Show Low would have to relocate to 98.5 with a downgrade from a Class C to a Class C0 with no changes to its 100kW at 303 meters facilities via a Show Cause Order.

Just south of Phoenix, East Valley Institute of Technology applies to downgrade its CP for 88.7 KPNG Chandler from a Class C1 to C3 with 15kW at 113 meters (Coverage Map).

Another station in the pending Salt Lake City frequency shuffle has applied for its new frequency. Alpha Media’s pending acquisition of Spanish CHR “Latino 106.1” KBMG Evanston, WY applies to move to 106.3 with no changes to its 89kW horizontal at 647 meter facilities (Coverage Map).

Josh Broadcasting’s 98.5 KNBQ Central Park, WA applies to upgrade from a Class C3 to a Class C2 from the tower of 102.9 KYNW outside Olympia. KNBQ will operate with 1.7kW at 673 meters (Coverage Map).

Three Point Broadcasting stations in multiple California markets have applied for new facilities. The CP of 98.9 KHHT Mettler/Bakersfield seeks 1.4kW at 205.5 meters (Coverage Map).

Rhythmic Oldies “Old School 93.5” KQAV Rosamond/Lancaster applies for 6kW at 26.9 meters (Coverage Map). AC “101.7 K-Lite” KSBL Isla Vista/Santa Barbara has reapplied its expired CP to relocate its tower to the Channel Islands off the coast with 6.9kW at 389 meters. The move should increase KSBL’s coverage in the Oxnard/Ventura market (Coverage Map).

Craven Community College’s Public News/Talk “Public Radio East” 88.5 WZNB New Bern, NC applies to increase from a Class A to Class C2 on 88.1 with 36kW at 116.1 meters (Coverage Map).

Educational Media Foundation’s 95.9 WDKL Grafton, WV seeks to relocate to Loch Lynn Heights, MD with 1.5kW at 202 meters (Coverage Map).

Real Presence Radio is seeking to increase coverage for its pair of stations in the Bismarck, ND market via a frequency swap. 91.7 KXRP Bismarck would increase from a Class A to a Class C3 on 91.3 with 4.2kW at 198.6 meters (Coverage Map). 91.3 KPHA Mandan, ND would move from a Class C3 to a C2 on 91.7 with 25kW at 198.5 meters (Coverage Map).

Centro Familiar Cristiano Spanish Christian 90.5 KGIO Astoria, OR seeks new facilities with 220 watts at 381 meters (Coverage Map).

Quitman County Development Organization’s CP for 91.3 WCQC Clarksdale, MS applies to downgrade from a Class C2 to a C3 with 19 kW horizontal at 114 meters (Coverage Map).

Northwoods Catholic Radio’s 89.1 KSPP Rhinelander, WI had downgraded to a Class A in order to beat the deadline for its Construction Permit. Now it applies to return to a Class C3 with 18kW vertical at 87.4 meters (Coverage Map).

Fourth Dimension, Inc. seeks to increase its Christian 91.3 WHEM Eau Claire, WI from 300 watts to 2kW from its same 87 meter facility (Coverage Map).

Translator Moves

Eastern Airwaves CP for 94.7 W234BY Charlotte, NC applies to relocate to a new tower site just south of downtown with 250 watts at 111 meters rebroadcasting Pacific Broadcasting Group’s Classic Rock “95.7 The Ride” WXRC Hickory (Coverage Map).

Radio Training Network’s Silent 95.1 W236CA Durham, NC applies to modify its CP to operate with 200 watts at 108.76 meters. W236CA will rebroadcast iHeartMedia’s Alternative “95X” via 105.1 WDCG-HD2 (Coverage Map).

Juan Alberto Ayala’s CP for 98.3 W252AW Chicago applies for a new tower site just west of Elgin with 85 watts at 130 meters rebroadcasting Moody Bible Institute’s 90.9 WMBI-FM Chicago (Coverage Map).

Cal State University Northridge’s pending acquisition of 89.9 K210CH Oak View, CA applies to relocate to Ventura with 10 watts at 230 meters (Coverage Map).

Lazer Broadcasting’s 94.5 K233CQ Morro Bay, CA proposes a shift to 94.9 in Nipomo where it with 15 watts vertical at 216 meters rebroadcasting Regional Mexican “La Mejor 1480” KSBQ Santa Maria (Coverage Map).

RFEngineers.com’s CP for 95.3 W237EJ Gainesville, FL applies to increase to 250 watts at 157 meters rebroadcasting University of Florida’s Sports “ESPN 850” WRUF Gainesville (Coverage Map).

In addition to purchasing 93.7 K229CS Waco, TX, Waco Entertainment Group applies to relocate the translator to 93.5 with 250 watts at 143 meters (Coverage Map).

After being displaced off of 97.5, E-String Wireless’ Silent K248CC Tyler, TX applies to relocate to 106.1 with no changes to its 205 watts at 102 meter facilities rebroadcasting American Family Association’s 88.1 KATG Elkhart, TX (Coverage Map).

Positive Alternative Radio’s pair of Boone, NC translator CP’s apply for new facilities. 95.9 W240CV seeks an increase to 10 watts at 409 meters rebroadcasting 88.3 WCQR-FM Kingsport, TN (Coverage Map). 104.1 W281BK applies for 9 watts at 409 meters rebroadcasting 91.3 WXRI Winston-Salem (Coverage Map).

Educational Media Foundation’s 97.9 K250BH Parahould, AR applies to move to Jonesboro with 250 watts at 326 meters rebroadcasting an HD subchannel of East Arkansas Broadcasters 101.7 KIYS Walnut Ridge (Coverage Map).

Radio Training Network’s 90.7 W214BA Sebring, FL seeks to move to 101.3 with 10 watts at 48 meters rebroadcasting 88.1 WJIS Bradenton, FL (Coverage Map).

Jeffrey Jenning’s 92.5 K223CN Cedar City, UT applies for a new tower site with 250 watts at -148 meters rebroadcasting Calvary Chapel Cedar City’s Christian AC “88.9 Crossover-FM” KCHG Cedar City (Coverage Map).

Community Translator Network’s CP for 95.1 K236CE Littlefield, AZ/St. George, UT applies to shift to 95.3 with 250 watts at 1049 meters rebroadcasting Redrock Broadcasting’s 102.3 KCDC La Verkin (Coverage Map).

Cromwell’s pending acquisition of 106.3 W292EO Decatur, IL applies to move to a new facility with 45 watts at 164 meters rebroadcasting Rock “106.7 The Fox” WZNX Sullivan (Coverage Map).

Call Letter Changes

88.1 NEW Mecca, CA -> KHXR
88.7 KHIH Estes Park, CO -> KDCO
88.9 KXMP Blowout, TX -> KTSN
93.1 KZLL Log Lane Village, CO -> KRJN
96.5 WPCH Gray, GA -> WIHB-FM
99.1 KSMD Pangburn, AR -> KRZS
104.9 KVAL Cal-Nev-Ari, NV -> KISK
106.3 KTRY Cazadero, CA -> KBBL
107.3 NEW Crownpoint, NM -> KCZY
107.5 KXMG Jean Lafitte, LA -> KNOL
1280 WIBB Macon, GA -> WIHB
1300 KRZS Searcy, AR -> KSMD
1310 WPLV West Point, GA -> WPCH

Pending Call Letter Applications

The following call letters have been reserved by stations in the process of being sold.

89.7 WAUQ Charles City, VA -> WLRJ
89.9 KQFR Rapid City, SD -> KJRC
96.1 WJDV Broadway, VA -> WMQR
105.1 WTGD Bridgewater, VA -> WWRE

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  1. Dr. Akbar says

    1TV.com keeps movin’ their small to non-existent market stations further west in hopes of becoming Valley rimshots so they can unload them. KIKO-AM was to move to Apache Junction and diplex with KBSZ, but that hasn’t happened. However KIKO-AM’s translator K286B-FM has a CP to move and up their elevation significantly to almost hit Mesa. Must be something in the water in the bustling tri-cities of Globe, Miami and Claypool that makes 1TV.com want to get the hell out!

  2. TacticalThunder says

    Not to ruffle any feathers (or Fez’s) but 1340 AM is up and running out there in Apache Junction, and I hit that button by accident over in W. Phx, (41st Ave and Van Buren area) and actually heard a faint smattering of “Golden Oldies”. The audio quality of 97.3 leaves much to be desired, No Stereo Signal and is pretty weak into Downtown Mesa, but it does come in fairly clear on my clock radio. (Shock, Gasp) Yes my clock radio.

    1. Dr. Akbar says

      Clock radio? Is than an app we can download so Nurse Jeff and I don’t have to shell out big bucks for an iWatch?

      Didn’t realize KIKO-AM made the move to AJ…Radio Locator shows them as a Miami licensed station, while the FCC website shows an open application to move from Miami to AJ. Of course, when you move off a real tower to one of those fiberglass masts, moving is quite easy. Wonder why 1TV.com thinks Apache Junction is so underserved? Oh, that’s right…they want to unload all their facilities as Phoenix rimshots.

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