Classic Hip-Hop Kisses Vermont

104.3 KissFM Kiss Vermont WJKS Burlington Plattsburgh WECM Great Eastern RadioGreat Eastern Radio launched Classic Hip-Hop “104.3 Kiss-FM” WJKS Keeseville, NY/Burlington, VT at 12pm today.

The launch comes as the former WECM Hartford, VT completes its move-in to the Burlington/Plattsburgh market positioned as “The Beat of Burlington”. The station had been stunting from its new home late last year as all-Christmas Music “Ho Ho 104“.

WJKS is utilizing Westwood-One’s recently launched Classic Hip-Hop network including Adam Bomb in mornings, Ms. Eklass in middays/afternoons, and Zakk at night.

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  1. Vermont? Now I know this thing has jumped the shark. This is like seeing Jammin’ Oldies in Beckley, West Virginia in the early 2000s.

  2. Nice logo. Reminds me of a certain Top 40 outlet owned by a company that loves to serve C&Ds to anyone using it without permission…

    On the other hand its good to see a Classic Hip-Hop outlet in Vermont, although they could’ve tried a Rhythmic format instead.

    • Classic Hip Hop is very popular in Vermont. If you go to clubs or bars some only play the classics and not the new stuff, so it could work.

  3. What most people don’t realize is that Hip Hop is really big in Vermont. The format will do good if promoted well. The last time an independent company brought Hip Hop into the Burlington-Plattsburgh market it didn’t do so well. Most people never new there was a Urban formatted station in the Market. The last Urban station was WNMR 107.1 The Fixx.

    If promoted well Classic Hip Hop would be a popular format. Burlington has tons of Hip Hop fans so it should do well.

  4. Vermont…..??, for classic hip-hop? Shows again that terrestrial radio is out of touch with the American public. The company could have done any number of better formats, but instead, choose this format which won’t last 6 months. Does anyone wonder why people don’t listen to the radio?

    • Shows just how much you know the Vermont music scene hip hop is becoming very popular in the state. Should do well if promoted well.

      • This launch has nothing to do with the state of current hip-hop on the Vermont music scene. The Cumulus version of the format is directed at 25-44 year old women as another variant on Hot AC.

    • So terrestrial radio is out of touch for trying something new? Most people seem to state the same when a station duplicates a format already existing on multiple stations in the market. What format would you recommend for 104.3? I cannot find a format hole wide enough to worth exploiting myself.

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