WSGC Goes Dark

96.7 WSGC Tignall Elberton 105.3 1400 WMJE Art Sutton Georgia-Carolina RadiocastingArt Sutton’s Georgia-Carolina Radiocasting’s has taken Country 96.7 WSGC Tignall, GA silent.

WSGC is the second station in the market the company has taken dark following sister 1400 WSGC/105.3 W287CM Elberton. Citing weak economic conditions in the market, the company states their inability to continue operating the stations. Owner Art Sutton told Tom Taylor Now that he “it is our hope that a local businessperson will come forward to operate the station.” The FCC filing to go silent indicates that the licensee intends to lease or sell the station in the next 90 days.

WSGC had moved from 105.3 to 96.7 last year as part of a multi-station move to allow iHeartMedia to upgrade signals in Greenville, SC and Asheville, NC.

The following note was posted on the station’s website:

Due to continuing weak economic conditions in Elbert County, WSGC has discontinued its broadcasting operations.

We greatly regret this decision was necessary. However, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain and develop advertising revenue to sustain the operations of the radio station. Recent research we conducted into the future financial prospects of the station, operating as part of our group of radio stations, did not indicate the conditions would improve any time soon for our business model to be successful.

While it may not make sense for WSGC to be operated by our company, it is our hope that a local business person will come forward to operate the station. A local operator is more likely to have the local contacts and time to produce advertising revenue from non traditional sources and be better able to provide a full service community radio station which Elbert County deserves and which WSGC successfully provided until the downturn of the economy began.

Georgia-Carolina Radiocasting appreciates the opportunity to be the custodian of WSGC these past 14 years and we are hopeful that this action may help prompt positive change for not only the radio station’s future but also for the economic future of Elbert County.

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