Max Media Sells Central Pennsylvania Stations To Seven Mountains

Seven Mountains Max Media B98.3 WWBE WYGL ESPN 92.3 WVGL Y106.5 WFYY Sunbury BloomsburgSeven Mountains Media is paying $3.8 million for the four stations.

Original Report 8/11: Kristen Cantrell’s Seven Mountains Media is acquiring four more stations in Central Pennsylvania.

Seven Mountains has been on a buying spree in the region over the past year with four previous deals bringing eleven stations to the group. Now it is adding four more FMs in the Sunbury/Lewisburg/Bloomsburg area from Max Media for an undisclosed price.

The newly added stations are Sports “ESPN 92.3” WVSL Riverside, Country “B98.3” 98.3 WWBE Mifflinburg/100.5 WYGL-FM Elizabethville and Hot AC “Y106.5” WFYY Bloomsburg.

Following the sale, Max Media will still operate clusters in Denver, Norfolk, Elizabeth City NC, Marion/Carbondale IL, Cape Girardeau MO, and Poplar Bluff MO.

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