Drake Stunt Leads To Hip-Hop “The Block” In Charlotte

Drake 92.7 The Block Praise 100.9 WQNC WPZS Charlotte Radio-OneThe weekend of stunting with nothing but Drake on 92.7 WQNC Harrisburg/Charlotte, NC gave way at 5:00pm today to Urban “92.7 The Block“.

Taking direct aim at Beasley Media’s “Power 98” WPEG, the new format is promoting itself as “Non-Stop Hip-Hop and R&B” and being commercial-free. First song was Lil Wayne’s “The Block Is Hot”.

Original Report 8/14: Radio-One has broken its simulcast of Gospel “Praise 92.7/100.9” in Charlotte.

92.7 WPZS Harrisburg, NC has dropped the Gospel format and is now stunting will all-Drake as “Drake 92.7“. The move brings a call letter swap as WPZS moves over to 100.9 Indian Trail, NC that retains the “Praise” Gospel format. 92.7 is once again WQNC, which were on that frequency from 2002 until it flipped to Gospel in 2012.

The Drake stunt will likely lead into a new Urban format to compete with Beasley’s “Power 98” 97.9 WPEG. WPEG is currently second in the Charlotte market with a 6.9 share.

Somehow the stunt is already leading many listeners to believe that Drake himself has purchased the station. Something he legally cannot do as a Canadian citizen.

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  1. ksradiogeek says

    Don’t forget if it goes Urban, it will also have to deal with WGIV/W277CB (Streetz).

    As for my thoughts, I’d put money it goes Boom. No Urban AC since they killed off My after Old School launched, and Urban has been tried before and didn’t work for long.

    1. Charles Everett says

      “Urban AC” = R&B without rap, viable for a city like Charlotte.

      “Boom” = Rap Oldies, a fad format that is starting to crater nationwide.

      1. ksradiogeek says

        You’ll have the short term explosion, then it will die down a bit. At the same time, classic hip hop crosses over A LOT more than Urban AC, not only to mention more advertiser support.

        1. Charles Everett says

          The ratings prove that Rap Oldies is a fad format. Philadelphia — lowest-rated commercial FM. Indianapolis — #1 to out of the top 10 in less than 6 months. Even Radio One has admitted that “Boom” is not a long-term solution.

          R&B is for grown-ups. Rap Oldies is for overgrown children.

          1. ksradiogeek says

            Right…so I’m an overgrown child? I’m 22, actually work in the business, and actually love most of this music since most of it came from my childhood. I’m also attending college, and make money. Please tell me how I’m an overgrown child. (I’m not trying to be insulting, just trying to be more understanding.) And I’m still not seeing My coming back. Remember after Old School’s debut, My redirected listeners to it?

          2. ksradiogeek says

            “Rap Oldies”…interesting. I’d prefer “Throwback Hip Hop.”

  2. BC says

    This is a stunt format? Wow, could have fooled me, I thought it was just regular rotation.

  3. only1moore says

    It is true that Drake is Canadian, but his father is American and spent time in Memphis when he was young, which means he can claim dual citizenship if he wanted to.

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