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Merlin Media 101.9 WRXP 101.1 WKQX Q101 WYNY WIIN Randy Michaels Walter Sabo John Gehron

Merlin Media has registered a pair of domains giving the first clues at the new identities of their soon to be relaunched stations in Chicago and New York. was registered for use on what is now “Q101” WKQX Chicago.The WIIN calls are currently held by the currently dark 780 AM in Ridgeland, MS. We’re guessing that that name could be used to infer Information and/or News.

The registration for New York is likely going to get the hopes up for quite a few hoping for the return of Country to the market. We think the registration of is more about getting calls that have a reference to New York in them rather than the Country stations on 97.1, 103.5, and 107.1 that used them over the years. We’re still sticking with our expectations of a spoken word format for 101.9. The WYNY calls are currently held by a construction permit for 1400 AM in Middletown, NY and were used by the aforementioned stations in the New York market between 1977 and 2003.

No reservations for the calls have appeared in the FCC database as of yet. We should note these domain registrations were made on Monday, June 20 prior to the public announcement of the acquisition of these stations by Merlin Media LLC.

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  1. 101.9 WYNY-FM I Hope that’s true. Let’s hope that 104.3 leans towards modern rock or something. Maybe 92.3 goes back to rock. I can’t get 105.5 WDHA too well by me.

  2. THANK YOU lol. people want to may rock stations in new york but they forget there are suburban rock stations outside of nyc.
    I would like to see Smooth Jazz or ESPN but thats definitly not going to happen.
    I would like to see 101.9 a Pop/DANCE station leaning towards house. 90s Garage House/The old Pulse 87
    Old School Hip Hop & R&B station 80s & 90s & and early 2000’s

  3. You don;t think there is a chance that WYNy would hire Opie and Anthony for their station?

  4. Free-fm flopped and so will the new 101.9 talk format !
    Opie and a will not appear on NY radio anytime in your or my lifetime.

    • There’s a lot of other flavors of Talk besides what Free-FM did. It appears Merlin will be targeting female listeners with 101.9.

      Not quite sure what Opie & Anthony have to do with any of this.

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