Stars Stunting In Lubbock

Stars 97.3 KLZK Lubbock Ramar YesFM Yes Yes-FM

Update 9/12: KLZK completed its stunting and launched Hot AC “97.3 Yes-FM” at 9am today.

Update 9/11: Based on the accompanying logo appearing on portions of KLZK’s web presence, it appears the station will be shifting to Hot AC. The stunt today shifted to Patriotic music in honor of the 9/11 Anniversary.

Original Report 9/10: Ramar Communications AC “Stars 97.3” KLZK Lubbock, TX is currently stunting with blocks of different formats.

Among the blocks heard include Country, Hip-Hop, and Showtunes. The station will be rebranded as “97.3 Yes-FM” based on the registration made by Ramar. No idea what format to expect based on that name.

Ramar also owns “Fox Talk 950/100.7” KJTV, Tejano “Magic 93.7” KXTQ, and Sports “Double T 104.3” KTTU in the Lubbock market.

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  1. Dave Jones says

    It’s 9/11 2011, and it’s great that the station seems to have gone all 9/11 music for the 9am hour, or at least the first half hour. They’re also running ads, so something’s being done right!!! (=:

    1. Dave Jones says

      Looks like they’re committed to a full day of 9/11 music, and they sold time on that! (in simple English, ads ran on the station) Good for them! Honoring 9/11 for the day AND getting some ad revenue!

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