Changes Coming To WPTR Albany

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Update 11/11: At 6:00pm, 96.7 began simulcasting sister Christian Talk 1540 WDCD. The stations have been rebranded as “The New Light 96.7” fitting in with the domain registration we told you about last week. The previous Oldies format lives on at

Update 11/4: WPTR sent the following e-mail announcement to its listeners today:

Legends Lover: Due to very weighty, financial demands from the lending source DJR Broadcasting has utilized consistently over the years to invest and grow, we are being forced to cancel the New Legends format on 96.7 WPTR on Friday, November 11th. Trust me when I say that we are crushed by the fact that we are obligated to do this. Trust me when I say that it is however categorically beyond our control.

We WILL, however, continue the very special New Legends music over the Internet at, enabling all to listen on-line, at home, at work, and on their I-phones. Therefore, tens of thousands will not be left out and lost without their Legends favorite music. Additionaly, we are keeping our superb Host, Mark Shuttleworth, who will provide the same quality, delightful listening experience for the Capital Region you have grown to love. So your Legends music is not going away. Only how you listen will change. So begin to listen to us at on November 11th and thank you for your understanding and continued support of our advertisers.

Don Crawford Jr.
President, DJRD Broadcasting

Original Report 11/3: DJRD Broadcasting’s Oldies “Legends 96.7” WPTR Albany, NY is promoting changes to the station coming on Friday, November 11.

The station, which flipped from Christian AC on February 1 appears to be heading back in that direction. Station owner Donald Crawford registered last week. Crawford, through his family’s Crawford Broadcasting, operates Christian AC’s in multiple markets.

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