Polka Power In Pueblo

Power 103.3 KJQY Polka Power Colorado City Pueblo SoCo Radio Mike Knar

Update 6/7: KJQY has dropped it Polka stunt and flipped to Rhythmic “Power 103.3“.

The station is dayparted with a mix of Rhythmic pop, dance, and R&B during the day and a more current intensive Dance at night. The evening block from 7pm to 12am is branded as “Radio Planeta” focusing on current Dance and club hits in English and Spanish.

Original Report 5/29: 103.3 KJQY Colorado City/Pueblo is stunting with Polka*.

Branded as “Your Polka Place 103“, the station is streaming online. Owner Steve Bartholomew explains the stunt stating, “Polka follows the natural laws of music discovered by our ancient ancestors. Basically, music must avoid obnoxious sequences of notes, follow the principles of logic and appeal to an inner sense of beauty. This explains why polka music appeals to people who keep their homes neat and clean, give an honest day’s work for a full day’s pay, are reliable, support law and order, and are good neighbors.”

The station fourth recent sign-on to be managed by Mike Knar’s SoCo Radio. The others are Soft AC “Easy 101.3” KFEZ and Classic Country 780 KCEG which both launched last month and last week’s sign-on of Standards 890 KJME.

What’s next? Knar has registered Power1033.com which is currently partially live with a tag line of “More Energy! More Music!”. A flip to a CHR based format would place the station in competition with Cumulus’ “98.9 Magic-FM” KKMG, which Knar used to manage.

* An earlier version of this post identified KJQY as a new sign-on. KJQY had previously been Urban as “iDJ 103“.

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