ESPN Radio 580 Orlando Debuts

ESPN 580 WDBO Orlando 96.5 WDBO-FM Scott Anez Mike Mike Colin Cowherd MagicUpdate 11/12: 580 WDBO made the flip to ESPN Radio this morning. In addition to the ESPN Radio lineup, WDBO will carry a local 4-6pm show hosted by Scott Anez who will continue in his duties as host of the 6pm hourlong news block on 96.5 WDBO-FM and Orlando Magic programming on both 580 and 96.5.

Update 10/9: Cox Media has confirmed that 580 WDBO will drop its simulcast of 96.5 WDBO-FM on November 12 and flip to Sports as “ESPN 580“.

Original Report 10/5: Cox Media’s 580 WDBO will soon drop its simulcast of 96.5 WDBO-FM to flip to Sports. Cox registered,, and for the new format.

WDBO began simulcasting on 96.5 in August 2011. The shift of 580 to Sports will give Orlando four stations in the format in the market: WDBO, Clear Channel’s “740 The Game” WYGM, 810 WRSO, and 1080 WHOO.

Relatedly in Tampa, where 1040 WHBO also dropped ESPN Radio this week, Clear Channel’s 620 WDAE has picked up the network for nights and weekends while displacing Fox Sports Radio to sister 1250 WHNZ.

  1. MattParker says

    The popcorn is really popping fast now. Sounds like Disney-ESPN reps are working overtime lining up stations to fend off the CBS attack. CBS Reps are certainly beating the bushes, too. Question is: How much room is there for sports talk in any given market? Room for two? Room for three?

  2. Kevin says

    Nice to see that Cox Communications trashed a news/talk leader for ESPN radio. I guess they can’t figure out that sports radio ratings can’t hold a candle to news/talk formats.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Because moving an AM format to a 100kW FM stick is trashing a format…

  3. Kevin says

    The daytime signal of WDBO AM stretches out. They’re ratings are going to hit rock bottom since the other all sports stations are going to divide the ratings.

    Fox Sports Radio, ESPN Radio, now CBS Radio Sports, and NBC Radio Sports are coming on air soon. WDBO will learn just like KIRO AM in Seattle has learned, sports radio is not what it’s hyped up to be.

    Too many sports radio networks, and not enough listeners to pull in good ratings. In time, it will run its course.

    1. Lance says

      Switch to the FM side the sound is better and the signal is strong 24 hours a day not just the day time.
      I for one welcome a sports station I can actually listen to after the sun goes down.

  4. Kevin says

    Their ratings***, not they’re ratings, typo.

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