WCKG Rumor Killer

Over the past couple of days a rumor has been going around that an anonymous registration of Fresh1059.com was associated with a possible change at WCKG in Chicago. The domains were registered using a Network Solutions feature that allows a registrant to hide their contact information. All that appears is the name of the registrant, a Susan Hepburn.

If I were Susan Hepburn and I were registering domains for a radio station in Chicago why would I also register fresh1019.com, fresh1029.com, fresh1039.com, fresh1049.com, fresh1069.com, and fresh1079.com?

This is a case of cyber-squatting and nothing more. No connection to WCKG whatsoever. Just like a company in Las Vegas has registered every domain that begins with “Movin” and a commercial FM frequency after it.

We’re not denying that there may still be a change at WCKG, we’re just stating that it has nothing to do with the rumor that’s been making the rounds the last couple of days.

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Lance Venta is the Owner and Publisher of RadioInsight.com and a consultant for RadioBB Networks specializing in integration of radio and the internet. Lance has two decades of experience tracking the audio industry and its use of digital platforms.

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