Alt 93.3 Minneapolis Debuts

Alt 93.3 W227BF Minneapolis Clear Channel AlternativeUpdate 6/13: W227BF finally launched its Alternative format as “Alt 93.3” this morning.

As expected the format is positioning itself between sister Modern AC “Cities 97” KTCZ, AAA “89.3 The Current” KCMP, and Active Rock “93X” 93.7 KXXR.

Update 6/3: Clear Channel continues to rotate formats on 93.3.

Over the course of the past week listeners have heard the Urban AC, Classic Rock, Classic Country, and Rhythmic CHR amongst the formats being rotated.
All signs continue to point towards Alternative being the permanent format as Clear Channel has added to its previous registration of

Original Report 5/26: Educational Media Foundation’s 93.3 W227BF Shoreview, MN flipped from Christian AC “K-Love” to Urban AC prior to the start of the Memorial Day Weekend.

The translator is now being operated by Clear Channel and rebroadcasting 107.9 KQQL-HD2. But is Urban AC the ultimate format for the translator? The station is running without a name carrying one of the IHeartRadio Premium Choice networks.

However, Clear Channel registered last week which is now live with a blank station template. A move to “Edge” would resurrect the brand that was heard on 93.7 KEGE from 1994 until 1997 and place 93.3 between sister Modern AC “Cities 97” KTCZ, AAA “89.3 The Current” KCMP, and Active Rock “93X” 93.7 KXXR.

W227BF operates with 99 watts at 235.9 meters from IDS Center in Minneapolis (Coverage Map). The K-Love format can still be heard in the Twin Cities via 90.7 K214DF Golden Valley, 92.9 W225AP St. Paul, 99.9 K260BA Coon Rapids, and 100.3 KFXN-HD3 Minneapolis.

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  1. Cory says

    Makes sense. With Cities moving more and more toward straightforward Hot AC, I figured someone would launch an Alternative station. Now, will this station be Premium Choice or will it be run more like Radio 104.5 to transfer the disgruntled Cities listeners while CC solidifies their CHR/Hot AC wall in MSP?

  2. Snorkasarus says

    If you look at the website source code of (careful, lots of geek speak there haha), KQQL-HD is in the code of the page several times. At this point its not if, it’s when.

  3. Scholarm1111 says

    I’m sure there must be some people who are excited about this non-event in probably the least interesting major U.S. radio market for those not into rock, sports or country, I’m not one of them. Chr-rhythmic is a much more glaring hole but then that might cost KDWB its 10 share. I think “The Current” really has this niche filled among the hipsters.

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