95.7 The Jet Takes Off In Seattle

95.7 The Jet KJR-FM Seattle Bob Rivers Classic Rock HitsUpdate 8/8: At 10:08am following the conclusion of Bob Rivers’ final show, KJR-FM Seattle relaunched its CLassic Hits format as “95.7 The Jet“.

Positioned as “Seattle’s Variety From The 70s, 80s and More”, the move shifts the station back to a broader music mix positioned between First Broadcasting Classic Hits 104.5 KMCQ and CBS Variety Hits “96.5 Jack-FM” KJAQ.

Listen to Bob Rivers’ farewell and the launch of The Jet at FormatChange.com.

Update 7/29: With Bob Rivers announcing his retirement effective Friday, August 8, the likelihood of an all-out format change at 95.7 KJR-FM have increased.

Outside of the morning show, KJR-FM is currently running jockless and promoting a “a new 95.7 taking off” at 10:00am on August 8. That clearly plays into Jet branding depicted below.

With a pending change at KJR-FM, many Facebook users will be sure to ask what will happen to the page that everybody shares content with little connection to the station itself, and many don’t even know what it is or what its format is.

Original Report 7/18: A change is on the horizon at Clear Channel Classic Rock 95.7 KJR-FM Seattle.

A few weeks after 957TheSound.com was registered by Clear Channel Vice President of Programming Andrew Jeffries and Y957FM.com was registered by the company, Clear Channel has registered five additional domains clearly pinpointing KJR-FM as the intended destination for a change: 957TheJet.com, 957TheJetSeattle.com, Seattles957TheJet.com, TheJet957.com, and TheJetSeattle.com.

Just as 950 KJR was a heritage Top 40 in Seattle, the Jet name has some history in the “Jet City” (home of Boeing) on 1590 KJET where it was one of the first Alternative Rock stations in the 1980s.

KJR-FM has shifted from a more pop oriented Classic Hits presentation to Classic Rock over the past few months despite keeping the “Seattle’s Greatest Hits” branding. That move left the station tied for eighth in the market with a 4.0 share in the June 2014 Nielsen Audio PPM ratings just behind CBS’ Classic Rock 102.5 KZOK (with a 5.2-4.1 drop). Is a new name the next step in the evolution of KJR-FM?

It was reported as part of a deal that was later matched by Entercom that Clear Channel offered KRXQ Sacramento morning hosts Rob, Arnie and Dawn expanded syndication including a station in Seattle. While sister Active Rock rimshot “104.9 The Brew” KKBW Eatonville could’ve fit that role, the timing with the pending changes cannot be overlooked. Longtime Seattle morning host Bob Rivers currently holds the morning position at KJR-FM.

  1. Steve Varholy says

    Even now, the Clear Channel staffer is posting content completely unrelated and oblivious to what is happening in Seattle or on/with the station itself. It makes you wonder whether it is a bot or a “social media strategist” holed up in a bunker 1,000’s of miles away from Seattle.

  2. Nathan Obral says

    We complain (and rightfully so) when stations at the behest of their owners pull the plug on their social networking profiles prior to a format flip, denying fans a chance to vent or whatnot.

    The KJR Facebook page is an example of the opposite end of that spectrum.

  3. Stelly says

    KJR’s Facebook and Twitter profiles don’t even use their current logo. The orange coffee stain logo replaced the yellow and blue slanted text logo across their main website and iHeartRadio months ago.

  4. Todd Mitchell says

    Fans can still vent. No owner is required to provide the means by which that is done…

  5. notdarth_deleted says

    Huh. Wonder if Negativland read this site...

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