Groove 103.9 Chicago Debuts

103.9 The Groove Chicago Jazz W280EM Windy City Broadcasting Chris Devine Rick ODell Dave Logan Smooth Contemporary Jazz103.9 W280EM Chicago/WTMX-HD2 segued to its “Groove” identity with a rebranded take on Smooth Jazz.

Branded as “Contemporary Jazz For Chicago”, 103.9 debuted with David Sanborn’s “Chicago Song”.

More details on Friday.

Original Report 12/8: Windy City Broadcasting has signed on 103.9 W280EM Chicago.

The translator debuted on Friday evening with Christmas Music with programming originating on 101.9 WTMX-HD2. Currently branded as “Chicago’s New 103.9“, reports that the station will become Urban Jazz “103.9 The Groove” on December 26.

Windy City Broadcasting acquired W280EM for a then record setting $1 million in July (The record would be broken a week later by Integrity Radio Communications). The translator is currently licensed to operate with 15 watts at 355 meters from the John Hancock Building in downtown Chicago.

The new station is being overseen by Chris Devine, programmers Dave Logan and Rick O’Dell and sales leader Robert McAuliff. was registered by McAuliff’s wife in September.

Devine, most recently known as a partner in Marathon Media as well as owning many marathons across the country, describes the new format to Feder as “an urbanized-type contemporary jazz.” He also states that the translator intends to apply to increase power from 15 to 99 watts in the coming week.

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