Deminski & Doyle Return To New Jersey 101.5; Ray Rossi Moves To Late Nights

New Jersey 101.5 Jeff Deminski Bill Doyle Ray Rossi Casey Bartholomew Jersey Guys NJ NJ101.5 WKXW

Update 6/30: A week after being let go from the afternoon shift, Ray Rossi will return to New Jersey 101.5 to host a late night show from 11pm to 3am daily beginning July 11. The timeslot had previously featured replays of daytime programming.

Original Report 6/24: Millennium Radio Group Talk/Classic Hits “New Jersey 101.5” WKXW Trenton has announced that Jeff Deminski and Bill Doyle will join the station for afternoons beginning Tuesday, July 5.

The pair previously hosted in the slot from 1993 to 1999 before moving to Detroit where they worked at CBS’ 97.1 WKRK/WXYT and Greater Media’s 94.7 WCSX through January 2010. The duo will replace “The Jersey Guys” Casey Bartholomew and Ray Rossi, whose contracts were not renewed.

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  1. Charles Everett says

    “The Jersey Guys” are gone — New Jersey 101.5 began its weekend music format 5 hours early. No word about a fill-in host for next week.

  2. greg says

    Deminski & Doyle have much more to offer than the previous show , I really like Ray ! … Cassy not so much … but wish them well !

  3. Extremely Annoyed says

    This is really ashame, they were both literally The Voice of NJ in the afternoons, and without them this time slot is going to be a complete waste. I really hope that the ratings for this program when the new individuals return show that Casey and Rossi belong on NJ 101.5. I wish them both nothing but the best for them and their families, and I can’t wait to hear them both on the radio again soon!

  4. Rick says

    Casey & Ray, I thought you guys were awesome. I remember D & D they will have to work very hard to match what you did. I’m not sure who makes the calls at Millennium, but they should get canned. Good luck Jersey Guys.

  5. Gloria says

    Casey & Ray were the best, I too remember D&D and remembered, I didn’t listen much…why, I didn’t like them! I think this was a real mistake by the management. We all know the radio industry is brutal, but I don’t think anyone saw this one coming. As for me, I’m done with NJ101.5. I live in PA now and unless I drive into Jersey, I don’t need the traffic reports, which got me listening more years ago than I hate to admit to! Well, to Casey & Ray….I will truly miss you both for putting a smile on my face during that long drive home. Wish the two of you the best and will be checking for where you both land up next and then I’ll have something to listen to! You are my Jersey Guys.

  6. Mary says

    Casey and Ray are the heart beat of NJ! They are so informed and are
    not afraid to stand up and fight for what is right. I know I learned more
    from them than reading the news paper and watching the news. Did they ruffle too many feathers? Probably! That is what I loved about OUR Jersey Guys! I will truly miss them, and I wish them and their families the very best.

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