Translator Report 11/22

Translator Report

Clear Channel continues to be active moving translators into major markets.

First in the nation’s capital where they are moving 94.3 W232CB Frederick, MD down I-270 towards Washington. The translator has applied to move to Clarksburg, MD where it will operate with 60 watts. The move will place it approximately 30 miles northwest of Washington in what appears to be the first step towards the Capital.

In Cleveland, CC has amended its application to move 99.7 W259BI Lorain, OH to 99.1 Cleveland. As Ohio Media Watch stated, there doesn’t appear to be any difference with the previously rescinded.

640 WGST Atlanta has signed on its translator. 92.3 W223AF covers the north and east sides of Atlanta proper with 99 watts.

Way Media’s 105.1 W286BK Birmingham, which is leased to Clear Channel and operated as Gospel “Hallelujah 105.1” has applied to move to 98.3 from the same tower while boosting power from 99 to 170 watts.

Wilks Broadcasting has added a translator to provide a boost to Country “95.5 The Hawk” WHOK in downtown Columbus, OH. 102.3 W272AT was displaced when 102.5 WWCD moved into the market. It now returns at 94.1.

Northeast Radio Watch reports that Equinox Broadcasting has launched an HD to translator in Binghamton, NY. 104.5 W283AG Chenango Bridge, NY has debuted as AAA “104.5 The Drive” via 106.7 WRRQ-HD4. It joins Soft AC “Sunny 107.1” W296BS Johnson City and Classic Hits “Cool 100” WCDW Susquehanna, PA simulcasting on 95.1 W236AP Binghamton.

Liberty University and EMF Broadcasting are trading translators in Virginia. Liberty is acquiring 96.9 W245BB Newport News, VA and 106.5 W293AX Roanoke, VA to EMF for 97.7 W249BM Newport News.

A pair of sales will bring News/Talk 960 WSBT South Bend, IN to FM. 96.1 W241AD South Bend was traded by Progressive Broadcasting System to Friends of Christian Radio for 101.1 W266BF South Bend and $20,000. Progressive is then turning around and trading 96.1 to WSBT, Inc. for $135,000.

Ryan Beam has acquired 105.9 K290AR Union City, OK from Charles Edwards for $10. The translator has a CP to move southeast towards Norman, OK southwest of Oklahoma City.

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  1. normdeplume says

    I find it more than curious that the same industry that oppposed allowing low power FM tooperate on alternate, i.e. +or- 400 kHz channels, due to ‘interference’ issues are now clammering to grab up alternate FM channels in the markets where they operate. These frequencies could have been used by ‘community broadcasters’ but are instead being hoarded by commercial concerns often to duplicate existing stations. Why for instance does a 50kw clear channel (lower case) station need a 100w translator in the same market? To use a translator to fill in a nighttime null makes sense to me, but most of these just duplicate existing service.

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