FCC Report 5/29

FCC WTSH Rome WKLS WUBL Atlanta KZNV Las Vegas

Woman’s World Broadcasting’s “South 107” 107.1 WTSH-FM Rockmart/Rome, Ga has completed one upgrade and applied for another. The station has jumped from 45kW to 100kW. The application will keep the station at 100kW but increase the antenna height from 158 to 287 meters. If approved the station’s service contour will just miss downtown Atlanta.

In Atlanta, Clear Channel’s 94.9 WUBL and 96.1 WKLS are looking to make a minor adjustment. Their application to move to a new tower 150 meters away from their current one. 94.9 will adjust from 99kW to 73.6kW while increasing from 298 to 330 meters. 96.1’s shift is from 99kW at 300 meters to 97kW at 330 meters.

Shamrock Communication’s Construction Permit in Amargosa Valley, NV has received a modification that will change its approved frequency from 105.9 to 106.1. KZNV will operate with 50kW’s horizontal at 567.6 meters where it will rimshot the Las Vegas market. Based on Shamrock’s applications in Reno, we wouldn’t be surprised to see KZNV add a booster in Las Vegas prior to launch.

A few years after a failed attempt to build a new CP on 107.7 in the Omaha market was deleted due to interference complaints from the Federal Airway Administration, another attempt is being made. 107.9 KIMI Humboldt, NE already has a CP to move to 107.7 in Sydney, IA. Now the station is looking to increase from 3kW at 124 meters to 50kW at 134 meters where it would put a serviceable signal over Omaha. Connoisseur Media’s CP for KGGG Pacific Junction, IA was deleted in November 2010 after the FAA’s restrictions on its planned tower for new broadcast use became known.

Birach Broadcasting’s CP to move 770 WEW St. Louis to a new location and add nighttime service has expired, but the company has reapplied for the same facility. If approved and built this time, WEW will jump from 1kw to 10kW during the daytime while adding nighttime service of 200 watts.

John Garabedian’s CodComm, which just purchased a trio of Cape Cod stations from Nassau Broadcasting, is looking to move Classic Hits “Frank-FM” 101.1 WFRQ Mashpee to the tower of sister 102.9 WPXC. To do so WFRQ will drop from 6 to 2.9kW but gain in antenna height from 83 to 141.3 meters. As Northeast Radio Watch mentions, the move may allow Garabedian to break the simulcast between WFRQ and 93.5 WFQR Harwich Port as there will be more overlap between the two signals.

E-String Wireless has applied to increase 93.9 KAGZ Lufkin, TX from a Class A to a C2. The station will increase from 1.7kW at 186 meters to 50kw at 143 meters with a change in city of license to Burke. The station would no longer put a city grade signal over Lufkin after the move.

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