Catching Up With Friends Of Ross On Radio

There are two things happening with friends of the column this week that might be of interest to Ross On Radio Readers. Both involve people whose knowledge of music and charts perhaps exceeds my own.

Josh Hosler: More than a decade ago, he left the then-Jones Radio Network to pursue seminary and the Episcopal priesthood, but Hosler’s interest in music and charts never flagged. Here’s Hosler’s new project in his own words: is a web portal to a comprehensive set of Spotify playlists covering the entire history of recorded popular music in the U.S.A., from 1891 to the present day. Each playlist covers one season of one year and includes (1) every top 40 hit available on Spotify, and (2) any other relevant classics from that precise moment in time. Playlists are generally organized with the biggest and most important songs first, followed by a series of lesser hits, and ending with songs you’d really have to be a pop music devotee to remember. Hits from the holidays are included as well, at the end of the winter playlists.

“Because Spotify’s selection of available music is constantly in flux, these playlists require regular policing to ensure that important songs haven’t suddenly disappeared. Making sure the right version is present can also be a challenge. I have tried to stick with the hit versions of songs wherever they are available, and to eschew ‘re-recorded’ or impostor versions. I have also defaulted to clean versions, but I have resorted to lyrically explicit versions when no clean version is available. Each playlist’s description contains a list of missing songs. If you encounter an omission or error, please send me feedback at”

Rich Appel: His weekend Classic Hits show, “that thing with Rich Appel,” is now on over 100 stations worldwide, most of them streaming. From Noon on Friday, it’s usually playing somewhere; check here for stations and times. Affiliates now include WLNG Eastern Long Island, N.Y., KORL Honolulu, WTOB Greensboro, N.C., the Connecticut-based Kool Radio stations, and Don Tandler’s Pop Gold Radio.

Appel’s show and Pop Gold Radio both started counting down the listener-voted “I.R.S. 10-99,” for those songs about which somebody says “It Really Shoulda . . . been a bigger hit,” last weekend. The countdown continues this week and next, finishing up just ahead of the tax deadline on April 13-15.

In the past, “I.R.S.” voters have kept the flame alive for some lost late ‘60s/early ‘70s titles, including frequent countdown winner “Nothing But A Heartache” by the Flirtations, as well as “Shame Shame” by Magic Lanterns, “Will You Be Staying After Sunday” by Peppermint Rainbow, and others. The only hint about this year’s countdown is that there’s more of an ‘80s presence, Appel says.

Here’s Appel’s own ROR guest article from early 2017.

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