Pittman Flips Two In Lafayette

Cat Country Z 105.9 Z105.9 KFXZ-FM Opelousas Z1520 Rejoice 1520 KFXZ LafayettePittman Broadcasting Services flipped formats at a pair of its stations in Lafayette LA on Sunday afternoon.

Urban AC/Zydeco “Z105.9” KFXZ-FM Opelousas moves its programming to 1520 KFXZ where it replaces Gospel “Rejoice 1520” KFXZ Lafayette. 105.9 has shifted to Country as “Cat Country 98.9“.

Cat Country will feature the syndicated Tony & Kris in mornings, Bill Dutrey from sister “Cat Country 98.9” WUUU Franklinton LA in middays, and station GM Beau Gast in afternoons.


  1. RFLA says

    This is after a failed attempt with country music before on this station ,then a flip to the urban that moved to 1520khz to die after basically trying to kill most of his stations in that town with dead air.

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