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Saga Communications Limit Streaming Stream IP Block KKGO Mount Wilson Saul LevineSaga Communications has revealed plans to begin to limit many of their station webcasts to local markets. The company will join Mount Wilson Broadcasting’s “Go Country 105” KKGO Los Angeles which limits streaming listeners to those within California.

Saga’s move, which comes after eliminating many of their streams in sub 100 markets last year, is purely economically driven. Their News/Talk stations and a few music stations will be exempt due to already having a broader audience or lack of music royalties. Saga’s Ed Christian told InsideRadio that they will save $70,000 a year on music royalties while also saving on bandwidth due to the lack of ad revenue to be made by out of market listeners.

While its understandable from a financial side why Saga and Mount Wilson would be looking to cut costs, it is completely backwards thinking.

Every other radio station is now available nationally. There are no geographic limits on the internet unless self imposed. By placing the gate up around your stream, your closing yourself off from the global ecosystem. Saga’s “106.1 The Corner” Charlottesville, VA has established a niche following in the AAA music community for their unique programming features. There is potential for a national brand using local programming if time was spent building it. Closing the gates is the easy way out. Its just another example of handing your potential listeners to your competition.

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  1. jcurtis1027 says

    The article mentioned starting with their Manchester, NY cluster… the only stations they own in NY are in Ithaca. They must have meant Manchester, NH. I live in Vermont and can still receive WZID’s stream. Lance mentioned the AAA station in Virginia. I would place WZID in a very similar position. At one time WZID was one of the highest rated stations in the market and one of the highest rated AC stations in country. I am surprised that Saga would block WZID outside of NH especially since I would imagine lots of people from the Granite State commute to Boston and some of them would want to stream WZID online at work. I do not see links to listen to the other stations, WMLL, WFEA and their 2 CHR translators fed from WZID’s HD-2 signal.

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