Robin Hood Radio Walks Away From WGHQ Lease

Robin Hood Radio 920 WGHQ KingstonThe group that calls itself “The Smallest NPR Station In The Nation” is walking away from its LMA of 920 WGHQ Kingston NY after Pamal Broadcasting failed to follow through with its agreement to donate the station.

Tri-State Public Communications, operators of Robin Hood Radio began operating WGHQ in December 2013 via LMA with the understanding that Pamal would soon file to donate the station to them to prevent WGHQ from going dark. After operating the station for over two years at $2000 per month with no agreement finalized, Tri-State notified Pamal that it will cease leasing the station after February 29.

Outside of the brokered “Kingston Community Radio” that airs on WGHQ from 7-9am daily, the station will flip back to a simulcast of 1260 WBNR Beacon/1420 WLNA Peekskill, who now carry a Classic Country format.

Robin Hood Radio will continue to be heard on 1020 WHDD Sharon CT, 88.1 WLHV Annandale-On-Hudson NY, 91.7 WBSL-FM Sheffield MA, and 91.9 WHDD-FM Sharon CT. Owner Marshall Miles released the following statement regarding the move:

February 29, 2016 will be the last day of Robin Hood Radio broadcasting on WGHQ AM 920, Kingston,NY

On December 31, 2014 Tri-State Public Communicatons, Inc entered into a contract with Pamal Broadcasting to begin the process of donating WGHQ AM 920 to Tri-State Public Communications. All paperwork was completed by midnight on December 31 to keep WGHQ on-air with a Lease Management Agreement with Tri-State Public Communicatons leasing WGHQ for $2,000.00 a month until the donation of the license was completed. This allowed Kingston Community Radio to keep broadcasting on-air.

As part of that Lease Management Agreement, Pamal and Tri-State were to sign an asset purchase agreement for $1.00 and have the license for WGHQ donated to Tri-State Public Communications.

Over the next two and a half years, Tri-State sent three different asset purchased agreements to Pamal, but never was able to reach a signed contract for the donation of WGHQ from Pamal. As a matter of fact, Tri-State had not heard anything from Pamal on the donation for the last half of 2015, and the first two months of 2016.

In February of this year, it was decided by Tri-State’s board of directors to notify Pamal, and Kingston Community Radio of our decision to withdraw from an agreement that was never fulfilled by Pamal. We can no longer justify spending almost $25,000 a year with no donation of the WGHQ license taking place as was outlined in the initial agreement.
We are glad we could step in and keep Kingston Community Radio on-air over the past two years plus, and exit knowing that Kingston Community Radio will stay on-air on WGHQ from 7-9 AM with Pamal broadcasting on of their broadcast signals the rest of the time.

If our friends would like to keep listening to Robin Hood Radio in the Hudson Valley, you may do so on WLHV FM 88.1 Annandle-on-Hudson. We thank you for your support, comments and suggestions over the past couple of years.

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