What’s Going On At Greater Media?

Greater Media Radio 1110 WBT Charlotte 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia Detroit Sports 105.1 WMGCA series of reports this week have come out surrounding Greater Media and its operations.

Tom Taylor Now reported last Thursday on talk that the company is seeking to sell News/Talk 1110 WBT/99.3 WBT-FM and Hot AC “107.9 The Link” WLNK Charlotte NC stations and that Beasley may be interested. Taylor followed up this morning with a report that Greater Media has had some of its properties on the trading block for at least a year.

DetroitSportsRag.com discusses rumors of a flip potentially coming to “Detroit Sports 105.1” WMGC. DSR states that the station has made no intent to fill the Program Director vacancy open since Dave Shore exited. Current afternoon host Lindsey Hunter is departing to become assistant basketball coach at University of Buffalo and according to DSR the station is down to one salesperson for the entire station.

These reports coincide with confirmed cuts at the company’s Philadelphia and New Jersey properties. Nine employees were let go in Philly including Classic Rock 102.9 WMGK Morning Show Producer Rob Calvert, Rock 93.3 WMMR Music Director Sean ‘Rabbi’ Tyszler, WMMR Imaging Director Steve Lushbaugh and WMGK Digital Marketing Specialist Gina Rullo. A reported five cuts were made in New Jersey including Classic Hits 100.1 WJRZ Manahawkin afternoon host Bob O’Brien.

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  1. ksradiogeek says

    I had a feeling that Detroit Sports probably wouldn’t be lasting much longer. They gave it the “3 year test”, and it didn’t work. Plus, with the Ticket being well entrenched, it’s hard to make a go of it.

    As for Charlotte, Beasley is maxed out at 5 FM’s. What station would they potentially spin off to fit The Link in?

  2. elcartero says

    K104.7. Not only would the AC spot in its cluster be filled in by the Link, they’d be getting rid of a signal that is severely short-spaced to WNOK in Columbia and has always had interference issues in the areas just south of Rock Hill.

    1. ksradiogeek says

      But to who would K go to?

      1. elcartero says

        Good question. Aside from an Aloha-style divestiture trust, I don’t know. Radio One might be interested, as the only other major group not otherwise maxed out in the market. (If they haven’t outbid for 107.9 beforehand.)

  3. Christian says

    Wouldn’t Beasley have to get rid of two FMs if they picked up Greater’s three stations?

    1. elcartero says

      Good point! I wasn’t reading too carefully and thought 99.3 was a translator. In that case they may choose to let go of their Urbans. Or spin off the rimshot 99.3 and turn another of their signals into WBT-FM. From here it gets complicated, and I think I’ll stop…

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