WBZX Debuts Real Identity As Classic Hits B103.9

B103.9 WBZX Big Rapids 80s More Dom Theodore Beautiful 104Up North Radio closed on its acquisition of 103.9 WBZX Big Rapids MI and debuted Classic Hits “B103.9” on Saturday, August 27 in place of the Beautiful Music stunt it had launched with.

The new format is positioned as “80s & More” to represent its focus on hits of that decade. The launch sequence included the sequence utilized by many Jacor/Clear Channel CHRs in the late 1990s and early 2000s as a nod to owner Dom Theodore’s time in the company during that period.

Original Report 8/24: Max Henry & Associates has signed on “Beautiful 104” 103.9 WBZX Big Rapids MI.

The new station debuted at 12:30 this afternoon promoting “Beautiful Music for Big Rapids”. The station is in the process of being sold to Up North Radio for $21,000 but the Construction Permit was set to expire on Saturday, August 27 requiring the station to launch prior to the closing of the sale. A website and stream are forthcoming.

Upon consummation of the sale it will join Up North Radio’s Hot AC 107.9 WCDY McBain/Cadillac. They are also in the process of acquiring Classic Rock 107.1 WCKC Cadillac.

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  1. Mark says

    Where the hell did they find the music? Are there a bunch of old Bonneville tapes in the station attic?

    1. passtheword says

      No need to look in the attic for Bonneville tapes. Easy listening/beautiful music is widely available for download via Itunes and the other big music services. Two labels, Surrey House Music and Starborne, have albums for purchase as CDs or downloads; much of the music offered on those two labels was heard on beautiful music radio stations in the 70’s and 80’s. Many other sources of the music can be purchased online as well, either as CD or as downloads.

    2. martesque says

      Helps to know someone who has collected and digitized a lot of the music 🙂

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