True Oldies Channel Returns To Syndication

Scott Shannon True Oldies USRNUnited Stations Radio Networks is relaunching the syndicated True Oldies Channel created and hosted by Scott Shannon.

The network had launched in 2004 as part of ABC Radio Networks through Shannon’s departure from Cumulus in 2014. After relaunching as a webcaster, the brand would return to radio in Milwaukee at 1290 WZTI in August 2015. It and a handful of other affiliates have been test-subjects for the new cloud based distribution created by Synchronicity.

United Stations Radio Networks, Inc. (“USRN”), an independent leader in the creation and marketing of network radio programming, is pleased to announce that it is expanding its association with the legendary programmer, Scott Shannon, by offering his 24-hour-a-day True Oldies Channel to radio stations across America. Since November of 2014, USRN has been the distributor of Scott’s weekend program known as America’s Greatest Hits, which is a co-production with CBS Radio. Now, as an independent producer, Scott is in business with United Stations to re-launch his popular full-time oldies network for the first time since 2014. The True Oldies Channel is currently on the air again in several test markets using a new cloud-based distribution technology developed by Synchronicity, Inc.

Scott Shannon’s True Oldies Channel began as the brainchild of Scott Shannon in 2004. Shannon noticed that as Classic Hits radio stations were evolving their demographic target and moving their music focus toward more recent decades, there was an opening for programming that featured an entire library of hit music that was starting to be overlooked. Shannon is not only the namesake of the channel but is its program director and on-air host. The True Oldies Channel was originally launched by the ABC Radio Network which then evolved into Citadel Media, and during its original run the channel was heard on approximately 100 radio stations. The new distribution technology has been beta tested in four different markets, and is now ready for a national rollout.

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