Chadd & Kristi Exit Magic 94.9 Tampa

Chadd Kristi Thomas Magic 94.9 WWRM TampaMorning hosts Chadd and Kristi Thomas have exited Cox Media Group AC “Magic 94.9” WWRM Tampa.

The married couple had been in that slot since January 2001. Chadd Thomas previously worked at 99.5 WQYK and 107.3 WCOF in Tampa, while Kristi used the name ‘Kristi Storm’ at “98 Rock” WXTB and “Thunder 103.5” WTBT.

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  1. earlyriser says

    “We decided to leave’ =they didn’t want to pay us anymore.

    1. Joseph_Gallant says

      Will WWRM-94.9 in Tampa Bay be the syndicated Brooke and Jubal show’s next conquest?

      1. ksradiogeek says

        They’re already on WTMX.

        1. ksradiogeek says

          Correction: WMTX.

  2. earlyriser says

    Cox used to be the gold standard for talent. Now, they’re just another CC without the debt. These are sad times for radio.

    1. Jack Bayes says

      If by “gold standard” you mean “nice people with big voices able to read Bob Neil’s inane liner cards.”

  3. earlyriser says

    I meant theat they treated talent well. I was there.

  4. earlyriser says

    That they treated talent well.

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