WCKG Update: Steve Dahl & Bulls Find New Homes

In Sundays edition of the Chicago Tribune, Phil Rosenthal reports that Steve Dahl will make his move to mornings on WJMK “104.3 Jack-FM“.

To promote Dahl’s move to so-called Jack FM, WCKG plans to pre-empt nearly its entire programming schedule with “Best of Steve Dahl” clips, beginning Monday night. Dahl also is set to continue to do his afternoon show on the station through Friday.

Additionally, the Chicago Bulls will move their game broadcasts from WCKG to WMVP “ESPN Radio 1000” because of the pending flip. The Bulls had left WMVP for WCKG before the 2006-07 season, but after one year will move back.

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  1. JohnsWorldSport says

    I wasn’t too shocked with the format change at WCKG announcement today because of the rumors left by Robert Feder weeks ago. I was curious however to see exactly where Steve would be going. I really didn’t think he would go to Jack-FM because it doesn’t have DJ’s which is the main idea behind their format. Having Steve really contradicts their philosophy. However I believe his remaining contract and CBS having to honor it had a lot to do with this decision. Truthfully I would like to see a Steve and Gary reunion morning team again. I think that would be even more of a ratings juggernaut over the plain Steve Dahl show with Buzz Killman as his sidekick. I think a lot of Steve’s faithful listeners feel the same way. I was actually hoping that when Garry returned to the radio that it was with Steve and not as a solo act. Buzz could still be the “third” person part of the team. When Steve and Garry had that impromptu North Avenue Beach reunion last summer they worked so well together as if they had never parted ways years before.They seem so natural together. I hope others comment here in agreement with me and CBS management reads the postings. Maybe they will decide to add Garry to Steve’s morning drive.

    Let’s hope!

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