Univision Sells Chicago FM

Latino Mix 103.1 WVIV-FM Chicago Polish National AllianceUnivision has sold half of its Spanish CHR “Latino Mix” simulcast in Chicago to the Polish National Alliance’s Alliance Radio LLC for $5.5 million.

The deal will make 103.1 WVIV-FM Highland Park a sister to Brokered 1490 WPNA Oak Park. One of the conditions of closing is that Univision must complete the move of 93.5 WVIX Joliet to Lemont and the tower site of EMF’s 94.3 WJKL Glendale Heights where it will operate with 3.5kW/133m. The move will create overlap with much of WVIV-FM’s coverage making the need to simulcast moot. That may require a new application and CP as its previous CP was set to expire earlier this week.

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  1. Couple of thoughts…
    First, they did file the license to cover on the 23rd. Showed up with a file number on the 24th. Should be good there.

    Second, what a long road for 93.5. It started out as a very early FM in Joliet, IL (it’s age was the reason it was able to be moved around, it fell under grandfathered spacing rules). Anyway, it was owned by Al Pohlers, and was in mono up until the early 90’s! I managed to see the original (abandoned) studios in Joliet, and they were pretty much a 1950’s time capsule. However, like many suburban stations, it began it’s march in earnest once values went up. First, the station was sold and the antenna moved NE (towards Chicago) to Lockport. Then a few years later the City of License was changed to Lemont (“We’re not changing the transmitter location though!”) and sure enough, now it moves completely away.

    It’s a little sad. Under the Pohlers, it was a quirky little station, then for the rest of it’s life until the move to Lockport it was a locally run and programmed AC station that did very well (I was the PD for a good chunk of time). Anyway, there you go. 🙂

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