105.1 WLRS Louisville flips from Rock to News/Talk

FM Talk 105.1 WLRS Louisville LRS Mancow Glenn Beck

Another heritage Rocker is gone as Main Line Broadcasting has flipped 105.1 WLRS to News/Talk as “105.1 FM Talk“. WLRS’ lineup consists of all syndicated hosts from Talk Radio Network and Premiere Radio Networks including:

5am to 9am: Mancow
9am to 12pm: Laura Ingraham
12pm to 3pm: Michale Savage
3pm to 6pm: Glenn Beck
6pm to 9pm: Jerry Doyle
9pm to 10pm: Monica Crowley
10pm to 1am: Jim Bohannon
1am to 5am: Phil Hendrie

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  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    I wonder if the WLRS flip (and some of the other music stations fliping to talk this year) is because broadcasters are fearing the implementation of potentially-substantial royalties that may have to be paid to artists for playing their music on-the-air.
    The potential for such high fees might be the reason for all these flips, since stations won't have to pay them if they go all-talk.

  2. kentuckywoman2 says

    All I can say is THIS SUCKS!

    Especially considering what they replaced it with.

    The least they could do is give progressives and people with brains equal time with the idiots and bigots.

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