1510 WMEX Goes Silent (For Now)

1510 WMEX Boston Daly XXL Renegade Radio Bryan BernerDaly XXL Communications pulled the plug on Talk 1510 WMEX Boston at the end of June as its transmitter lease expired.

Daly XXL began operating WMEX via Time Brokerage Agreement in March 2015 and acquired the station for $175,000 a few months later. Daly XXL’s principles are Mary Catherine and Henry Remmer of Wilmington, NC and her brother Bryan Berner. Berner has served as General Manager of the station and co-host of the Renegade Radio morning show with John Pica.

Owner Mary Catherine Remmer told The Patriot Ledger that they are in negotiations with “a couple of potential buyers” and negotiating a new lease for the transmitter site.

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  1. Something is really wrong if a 50kW station can be had for $175K and go totally dark less than two years later because the transmitter they have to lease in order to operate became cost prohibitive.

  2. The only way I can ever see a station ever again broadcasting at 1510 in the Boston is if the real estate company owing the land the transmitter site sits on were to acquire the license, hire someone with good management experience to become general manager of the station, and give him/her free rein.

    With the owners of the transmitter site owning the 1510 license, they wouldn’t have to pay the onerous costs, and if they hire someone with good management experience to run it, the station might at least break-even with the right programming.

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