Jack Is Eaton Dayton Alive

Soft Rock 92.9 Jack-FM WGTZ Eaton DaytonAlpha Media has flipped AC “Soft Rock 92.9” WGTZ Eaton/Dayton OH to Variety Hits “92.9 Jack-FM“.

This is a return to the format for WGTZ as the station was Variety Hits as “Fly 92.9” from November 2007 until its flip to AC in February 2015.

WGTZ registered a 2.7 share in the Spring 2017 Nielsen Audio ratings. The move follows Alpha’s similar flip in Louisville yesterday and pits WGTZ up against Aloha Station Trust Classic Hits “Big 106.5” WRZX. Morning host and veteran Dayton media personality Dan Edwards exits with the format change.

Alpha Media, Dayton announced the addition of 92.9 Jack FM to WGTZ. The station previously known as Soft Rock 92.9 switched to Jack FM today, September 1st.

92.9 Jack FM will feature an incredible variety of music from artists like Journey, Maroon 5, Prince, Aerosmith, U2, The Rolling Stones and a whole lot more!

Alpha Media VP of Programming, Ronnie Stanton commented on the announcement, “What a fun day for Dayton! Turning on a new Jack is always a happy day and we have high hopes for this one. A great new radio station in one of America’s great cities.”

“WGTZ is now the ‘Jack’ of Popular Music, and master of a fresh, surprising and unpredictable variety of the absolute best music! 92.9 Jack FM makes radio fun by breaking the conventional radio format rules. Dayton listeners and clients are going to be all ‘Jacked-Up’ when they hear the all-new 92.9 Jack FM,” remarked Keith Wright, Alpha Media, Dayton Interim Market Manager.

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  1. Mark W. says

    The Soft Rock format posted one horrendous ratings book, after another, after another.

    I would’ve preferred a flip to CHR/Top 40, but at least this choice is an improvement from the prior format, which was little more than poor man’s version of Mix 107.7 (plus Ohio State football).

  2. elcartero says

    What’s funny about the article title is that “WGTZ, Eaton Dayton and Springfield alive” is exactly how the station’s legal ID went in 1992 when I was in the area.

  3. borderblaster says

    With Channel 99.9 already there and a co-owned Rhythmic CHR, I don’t see how trying a head to head CHR battle would make any sense. I get the nostalgia aspects, but for today’s CHR audience, Z93 is their parents’ or even grandparents’ top 40 station and they have no memory of it. Classic Hits with the Z93 moniker…..maybe.

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