WASH Makes Morning Change As Loo Katz Exits

97.1 WASH-FM Washington DC Loo KatzAfter seventeen years with the station with fourteen of those in mornings Loo Katz is out at iHeartMedia AC 97.1 WASH Washington DC.

Katz has spent 46 years on the air in the Washington market with runs at 95.5 WPGC, 105.1 WAVA, and “Mix 107.3” WRQX prior to joining WASH in 2000. Co-host Chilli Amar will remain in place while.

Katz wrote on Facebook:

Today, after 17 years, I was fired from my longtime job at 97.1 WASH-FM. The reason given to me was ‘poor ratings’ and ‘it was time for a change.’ I had just completed my 14th year of hosting Morning Drive along with the almost 3 years of doing afternoons.

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  1. Might the nationally-syndicated “Brooke and Jubal” show be the replacement??

    • Absolutely, positively not.

    • See “WRQX replacing Jack Diamond with the syndicated Bert Weiss.”

    • See “WRQX replacing Jack Diamond with the syndicated Bert Weiss.” Then check “Bert Weiss canned in DC; back to local talent in AM Drive.”

      • It was such a horrible flop that Cumulus not only restored the station’s past identity, they rehired Jack Diamond back for morning drive.

        Syndicated radio shows in morning drive have rarely worked in Washington DC. Brooke and Jubal would be an unmitigated disaster for WASH-FM.

  2. This is really sad. Loo Katz is one of THE voices of the DMV! And 2 weeks out from the Christmas flip

    • Or less.

      WASH-97.1 may go all-Christmas even earlier this year.

      Advertisers, especially retailers, might be pressuring radio to go all-Christmas earlier this year.

      • Next week is a typical starting point for all-Christmas so it won’t be anywhere as dramatic as you think it will be.

  3. Loo deserved so much better after such a long a storied run at WASH and in the DC market. He’s a class act and one of a dwindling group of really good jox with a great heart. Just another expose of how iHurt and other large group radio managers treat employees like disposable commodities. I certainly hope Loo got a fat severance package. Time to syndicate that internet station and play some more golf Loo.

  4. I couldn’t believe it when my daughter told me. She knows I’m a faithful listener of the station. Loo deserves better than that. I looked forward to my morning drive because I knew that Loo was going to keep me informed without foul language, but a responsible reporting and great music. Station managers should re-think their priorities. I just pray that he was given a good package. I will miss you Loo. Best of luck!

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