100.3 The Sound Signs-Off; Double The K-Love For Los Angeles

100.3 The Sound KSWD Los Angeles Mark In The Morning Thompson Andy ChanleyUpdate 11/16: The sign-off of KSWD and the launch of Educational Media Foundation’s Christian AC “K-Love” KKLQ took place at 1:00pm today.

With the move the Los Angeles market becomes home to two separately owned stations sharing the same branding as Univision’s Spanish AC 107.5 KLVE continues to operate as “K-Love” as well. While no terms have been revealed towards how EMF got Univision’s approval to use the brand there as unlike the rest of the country the trademark for the brand excludes the Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles markets where the brand was in use by other operators, the legal ID for the new KKLQ may include part of the settlement.

Unlike the rest of EMF’s networked stations which feature a jingle and iD, KKLQ’s top-of-the-hour ID for KKLQ has a specially voiced sweeper by Charlie Van Dyke calling the station “The K-Love For Christian Music” to differentiate it from Univision’s Spanish AC. Being in a PPM market where diary recognition of a brand is no longer necessary makes for the ability for the two companies to share the moniker with little potential for revenue issues caused by the confusion.

Listen to the sign-off of The Sound at FormatChange.com.

Original Report 11/15: As the closings of the Entercom/CBS Radio merger and many of its spinoffs take effect on Friday, the timing of some of the maneuvers is becoming clearer.

Classic Rock “100.3 The Sound” KSWD Los Angeles announced this morning that the station will sign-off on Thursday, November 16 at 1:00pm. Educational Media Foundation will then take over and flip the station to its Christian AC “K-Love” network under the KKLQ call letters.

With the demise of The Sound, the station will be supplanted as FM home of Los Angeles Rams football by Variety Hits “93.1 Jack-FM” KCBS-FM starting with this Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. Rams game broadcasts originate on ESPN’s “710 ESPN” KSPN.

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  1. donobrian says

    So do they just dub over the national programming in LA when the jock or imaging says K-LOVE with K-LORD?

    1. Lance Venta says

      No. As has been mentioned here and elsewhere since the deal was announced. It will be K-Love.

  2. donobrian says

    Kinda confusing, two k-loves on my fm dial, one telling me how to get through the wall and one telling me how to get through the gate!

  3. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    Last week, Don Barrett reported that Mr. Van Dyke will also be “the voice of the entire Educational Media Foundation”–presumably including both K-Love and Air 1, nationally.

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