XLNC1 San Diego Flips To Spanish Adult Hits Toño 104.9

Tono 104.9 XLNC XLNC1 Tijuana San DiegoAfter a couple day extension, Classical “XLNC1” 104.9 XHLNC-FM Tecate MX debuted its new format as Spanish Talk/Adult Hits “Toño 104.9” this past weekend.

The station is now being operated by Larsa Comunicaciones via Time Brokerage Agreement with a non-commercial version of the format that the company runs in multiple Mexican markets and on 92.5 K223CI/96.1 KLPX-HD3 Tucson AZ. The former Classical music programming continues online.

Original Report 2/11: The San Diego market will lose its only analog Classical outlet at the end of the month as “XLNC1” 104.9 XHLNC-FM Tecate MX will move online.

In a statement and comments on its Facebook page, the station says it is unable to afford to maintain the FM frequency due to lack of donations and funds. They intend to continue operating online as long as support allows it.

Califórmula Broadcasting founder Victor Diaz launched the brand online in 1998 and moved it to FM in 2000. Following his 2004 death the station was transferred to his widow, Martha Barba de Diaz, who serves as General Manager and Program Director. A 2012 San Diego Union-Tribune story states that she financed all deficits for the station out of her own pocket. The Mexican licensed station operated out of studios in Chula Vista CA.

The only other Classical station available throughout the San Diego market is 89.5 KPBS-HD2. No word yet on what will happen to the 104.9 frequency when XLNC1 vacates.

Dear listeners, it is with a heavy heart that we inform you that as of March 1st, XLNC1 will no longer be broadcasting…

Posted by XLNC1 on Friday, February 9, 2018

  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    I suspect it will become a local Spanish-language outlet serving he Mexican side of the border.

    1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

      Even though it’s licensed to Tecate (away from the coast), its transmitter is apparently pretty high up–and may put a decent signal over the core San Diego area. (When the station was on 90.7, though, it had to deal with KPFK’s grandfathered signal.) I honestly have no idea what the likeliest scenario would be here.

  2. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    Due to some technical issues, the new format hasn’t yet debuted–and the previous programming may also be unavailable (at least, online). However, the new format is reportedly a bilingual mix of talk and pop, via a new (but undisclosed) Mexican lessee.


    (via TV and Radio Pro)

    1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

      And, as an update to that update, the new programmer may have just made its announcement…


      1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

        I couldn’t fully confirm it, but it looks like Larsa’s announcement from Friday night did mark the official launch of the new format; either way, though, it appears to be running now…


  3. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    The stream may not have been up over the weekend, but it’s definitely active now–and there’s indeed a significant English-language component to the music mix (but not the presentation). During the past hour or so of occasional listening, I encountered Ricky Martin’s “Vuelve” into Alan Parsons’ “Games People Play” (albeit with what may have been a PSA between them)–as well as Rick Astley’s “Together Forever” into an apparently reggaeton song, plus “Uptown Funk” later on. (Also, “Rock around the Clock” is used in one of the positioners.) Still, much of the music appears to be Regional Mexican.

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