88.3 Phoenix Stunting

La Campesina 88.3 KNAI 860 KMVP Phoenix Cesar Chavez Foundation Farmworker Educational AssociationAs the Cesar Chavez Foundation moves off of the non-commercial band in Phoenix following its three acquisitions in the market last year, the now former 88.3 KNAI-FM (operating under new KCCF-FM call letters) has begun stunting with a loop redirecting listeners to the new home of its Regional Mexican “La Campesina” network.

With the 88.3 allocation operating as a shared-time facility with Family Stations’ 88.3 KPHF Phoenix and the Campesina network operating commercially in its other markets outside of Phoenix and Visalia CA, the Cesar Chavez Foundation’s Farmworker Educational Radio Network made three acquisitions in 2017 to allow them to operate 24/7 and commercially in Phoenix. First it purchased 860 KMVP (now KNAI) from Bonneville for $800,000. That was followed up with the $1.1 million purchase of 101.9 K270BZ Phoenix from Riviera Broadcasting. A new subsidiary Phoenix Radio Broadcasting then purchased Beautiful Music 102.1 KAHM Spring Valley, its AM sister and three translators from Southwest FM Broadcasting for $1.7 million. The programming of KNAI moved to 860/101.9 last summer while also continuing on 88.3.

Earlier this month the foundation agreed to pay a $115,000 civil penalty to the FCC for underwriting violations at then KNAI-FM and 90.5 KUFW Woodlake/Visalia CA.

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  1. Dr. Akbar says

    CCF actually paid $2.5m for KAHM ($1.7m) and sister station KYCA ($800k) plus their translators. Their transition from the non-commercial 88~Three to commercial KNAI-AM, its translator, KAHM, KYCA and translators totals $4.4m. YIKES! Now the market wonders what CCF will do with their shared frequency 88~Three, which has been renamed KCCF as the KNAI-FM calls will no doubt migrate to what now is KAHM. And to make things even more interesting, the last obstacle to moving KAHM to Towers Mtn and becoming a Valley rimshot has been removed. The silent Salome, AZ station who had to move frequencies has surrendered their license. One can only wonder how much CCF paid to make that happen!

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