KQLZ Boise Spreads “The Virus”

99.1 The Virus True Oldies KQLZ Boise The Bronco Impact Radio Group

After three days of stunting with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on loop,
Impact Radio’s KQLZ “True Oldies 99.1” Boise flipped to Country “99.1 The Bronco” at 12pm local time today. Or so we thought. After three hours of Country, complete with local jocks and promotions, the station reached its final destination: Modern Rock “99.1 The Virus”.

Instant Insight: Love the station’s sound and imaging made to sound like the entire format is being hacked in from elsewhere. We do wonder at first glance whether Sirius/XM owns the right to “The Virus” name though. Makes us think back to when XM forced Citadel to rename KDRF Albuquerque from “Fred” to “Ed“.

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  1. josephw says

    Sirius/XM *does* own the trademark “The Virus”:


    It’ll be up to them if they want to bother pursuing this…

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