Pulse 87 New York Signs-Off

Pulse 87 87.7 New York Sign Off Ends WNYZ Mega Media

Update 6:00pm: After 10 minutes of silence, the WNYZ returned to the air with an automated Dance format. Meanwhile, Pulse 87’s webstream has continued with its own jockless Dance format.

Original Entry 5:05pm: After a roller coaster of a year, which saw planned expansion to Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. halted to having to beg listeners to donate money to keep the commercial station afloat, “Pulse 87” signed-off today at 5:00pm. Operator Mega Media Group had filed for Bankruptcy in August, reportedly owing over $500K to Island Broadcasting, the owner of the TV Channel 6 that was re-purposed into the 87.75 FM frequency that Pulse called home.

The station signed-off with George Lamond’s cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and The Beatles’ “Back In The USSR” believing that the station will return to its previous Russian-language format.

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