More-FM 98.9 San Diego To Flip To Bilingual AAA

More FM 98.9 XHMORE-FM Tijuana San Diego TJSD TJ-SDGrupo Cadena will flip Rock en Español “More-FM 98.9” XHMORE-FM Tijuana/San Diego to what can best be described as Bilingual AAA branded as “98.9 TJ-SD” on Saturday, March 31 at 2pm.

The new format, which will target listeners on both sides of the border, is being overseen by Program Director Michael Halloran. Halloran is best known for his three tenures at Alternative “91X” XETRA-FM, but has worked at every Alternative or AAA station in San Diego including launching “FM 94.9” KBZT in 2002, plus “Premium 92.1” KFSD, “92.5 The Flash” XHRM-FM, and 95.7 KUPR.

The San Diego Reader describes the new format mixing in Anglo bands like Chicano Batman and Portugal The Man will be mixed in with Latin bands like indie rockers Elyguerra and hip-hop group Molotov. On-air host Cesar Gonzalez told the newspaper, “We don’t want it to be just a rock station. We want to be an attitude station.” The station will also only play local artists from 9pm-12am daily.

  1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    I’m a bit surprised that, per the Reader article, Molotov will definitely be in the new format’s playlist–while Caifanes is among those that will apparently be dropped. Even though the former might be more active today, both have been around for over a couple of decades. (Maná dates back even further and is still very much active–but has also had a lot more commercial/mainstream success.) Indeed, Molotov’s “Frijolero” (from about 2003) might be a good–though still controversial–first song for the format.

    Also, it looks like the station’s simulcast on Mexicali’s XEWV will continue.

  2. saladressing says

    From the article: “We might play metal from Portugal, hip-hop from France or indie from India.”

    That would be amazing 🙂

  3. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    RAMP (at got this apparently original tidbit out of Mr. Halloran…

    Halloran acknowledges that More FM has a loyal existing audience, and he fully intends to bring that current fan base along as he gradually expands the musical palate of 98/9 TJ SD. “We want to give those hardcore fans even more Rock en Español, and we are looking for bands on this side of the border that fit,” Halloran told RAMP, adding, “The danger needs to come back into Alternative.”

  4. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    A new Union-Tribune story from today adds more details–including that some playlist changes may have already started taking place and may continue to be rolled out for some time…

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