Hot 97 Brings Classic Hip-Hop To Upper Connecticut Valley

Hot 97.5 1400 WTSL Hanover White River JunctionAfter stunting with a loop of Rappers Delight, Great Eastern Radio used the first day of summer to launch Classic Hip-Hop “Hot 97” 1400 WTSL/97.5 W248DA Hanover NH.

The new format serves the Hanover/Lebanon NH/White River Junction VT market as a flanker to sister CHR 92.3 WGXL under the oversight of Great Eastern Radio VP/Programming Matt ‘House’ Houseman.

Original Report 6/13: Great Eastern Radio’s 1400 WTSL Hanover NH is stunting with a loop of The Sugarhill Gang’s Rappers Delight as it prepares to launch a new translator.

WTSL had been running ESPN Radio programming as “94.5 ESPN” W233CC White River Junction VT/106.1 WHDQ-HD3 and 1230 WTSV/94.3 W232DN Claremont NH. With its new 97.5 W248DA Hanover about to launch it appears that a move to a new format (Classic Hip-Hop?) is on the way for WTSL while the others continue with the Sports format.

  1. pjc1961 says

    Listening to the station through an alternate Radio Securnet Systems “stick” player other than the one linked in the article above (which has a repeating “podcast” of “Rapper’s Delight”) reveals that the station actually has a “live” stream in progress (no IDs or sweepers/liners/jingles; not sure what is going out over the air):

    Direct streaming URL to enter into media players:

  2. Steve Varholy says

    Ancient sister station of WTSN Dover. WTSN/WTSL/WTSV were all once commonly owned.

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