K107.7 Gives Way To Big Classic Rock In Delmarva

Adams Radio Salisbury Ocean City Delmarva Big 98.5 Classic Rock 107.7 WGBG Hot Country WKHIAdams Radio Group Classic Rock “Big 98.5” WGBG Seaford DE has begun simulcasting on 107.7 WKHI Fruitland/Salisbury MD as it prepares to move permanently to the bigger signal.

The move, which took place at 5pm today, places WGBG on the class B1 107.7 signal that covers the entire Salisbury/Ocean City market as opposed to the Class A rimshot of 98.5. WKHI had been running Country as “Your Country K107.7“. A new format will debut on 98.5 in the coming weeks. WGBG and WKHI previously simulcast for a few months in 2015, when it was originally planned to move the Classic Rock format to the 107.7 signal.

WGBG registered a 2.3 share in the Spring 2018 Nielsen Audio ratings, while WKHI was at a 1.8 share, well behind iHeartMedia’s “Froggy 99.9” at a 6.8.

Adams Radio Group is moving heritage Classic Rock WGBG-FM (BIG Classic Rock) Salisbury-Ocean City, MD, to a new frequency there. The station began simulcasting Classic Rock on 25kW WKHI-FM (which was Country K107) at 107.7 at 5pm today. The station will continue to broadcast on the original frequency, 98.5, while listeners migrate to 107.7. DeMers Programming will continue to consult the heritage Classic Rock outlet.

Alex DeMers commented, “This is a very exciting move for BIG. We worked with Adams in Fort Wayne on a similar move for WXKE in 2014. That move proved highly successful for the format. I believe the move in Salisbury-Ocean will see very similar results. We of course will continue to air The Bob and Tom morning show, which is the longest continuous morning show in Delmarva, and will continue to be Delmarva’s number one choice for Classic Rock.”

Adams CEO Ron Stone added, “WGBG Big Classic Rock has been in the same format and with the same morning show for over 20 years. Now they will finally have the signal to truly rock the entire market. Our new coverage is one of the markets best signals and I have no doubt this will enable WGBG to become a top rated station in the market.” As for 98.5, Stone says stay tuned. “After the audience migration, we will do something new with 98.5, a format destined to make a major impact on the market, specifically in Sussex County, DE where the station is licensed.”

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  1. neilraimo says

    Don’t know if its a smart move or not, the 98.5 non directional signal covers the more populated, lucrative Dover market much better than the directional 107.7 signal.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Except for the fact that 98.5 does not focus their ad sales on Dover. And its not a larger market unless you count Kent and Sussex County DE together (and since Sussex is part of Salisbury/Ocean City market that means they are selling to that).

  2. Les Talk says

    They spent a lot of $$$ on upgrading 107.7. It should be getting better ratings. The market is inundated with radio stations – in particular with the country format. The question: what to do with 98.5? Soft oldies or CHR would be my bet.

  3. neilraimo says

    Would Alternative work on 98.5, don’t think there are any pure Alternative signals in the area, Alternative formats are popping up all over in larger markets. The closest would be DC101, but do they reach that area.

  4. Les Talk says

    Possibly. But with Adams already owning a classic and an active rocker – it’s not likely. With the country format gone, they need a female friendly station. WBOC-FM isn’t really a threat to Q105. It sounds cheap, and repetitive to the point it is bordering hot a/c. An older skewing a/c would work. The mainstream CHR could hurt OC104, which sounds less urban these days.

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