97.3 The Spur Debuts As ESPN Moves In Mansfield OH

97.3 The Spur WVNO-HD3 Mansfield ESPN 106.7 WRGMGSM Media has launched Country “97.3 The Spur” W247BL/WVNO-HD3 Mansfield OH.

The new format is taking direct aim at iHeartMedia’s 101.3 WNCO-FM Ashland by emphasizing its local origination and shorter spotsets. The station is promoting that it has banned 60 second long commercials as well.

The launch of The Spur was enabled by the sign-on of 106.7 W294CK Mansfield to serve as the new FM side of Sports “ESPN 1440” WRGM Ontario.

There is a new cowboy in town! 97.3 The Spur has launched! We have built this radio station around what is important to…

Posted by 97.3 The Spur on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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  1. Les Talk says

    The country Premium Choice jocks are overused thoughout Ohio. You can often hear the same liners, playlist on 2-3 different stations within 30 seconds of one another. It’s not only cheap. It’s just bad radio. Cheers to any local owner to call them out on this, and to go up against them. Although, WNCO is not quite as guilty as other IHR stations – they still have two local jocks weekdays.

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