Alt 92.1 Reno To Debut Tonight

Alt 92.1 The Wolf KWFP RenoEvans Broadcast Company will launch Alternative “Alt 92.1” KWFP Sparks/Reno at midnight tonight.

The new format will debut with 5,000 songs commercial-free. The new format will replace Country “92.1 The Wolf“, which will be moving its programming to 95.1 K236CN Reno and 100.9 KRFN-HD2. The 99w horizontal 20w vertical/-191m 95.1 signal covers just parts of Reno proper. It currently rebroadcasts Classic Country “Cowboy Country 102.5” 1300 KCMY/102.5 K273AF Carson City.

The Reno market has not had an Alternative station since 104.1 KRZQ was sold and flipped to Soft AC last year.[0]=68.ARDjee3MolyJSUllWL0R5SqtLdxT3OMqrMSVj6bl1mUqBYGXkGha_LF7mmFhtCT7CI6wQGFr3mdoFb2Nmczdpdy5wR_YJijCcKCxKyYkdHh0MRAlrtGurN_B3wBKRtxJ11ivLsU&__tn__=-R

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  1. ajthedjbowen says

    wow that is not maybe they will take KRZQ calls back?

    1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

      Those calls are currently on Shamrock-owned 105.9 (licensed to Amargosa Valley). I doubt, though, that they’re intended to stay there indefinitely.

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