EMF Acquires WCPT-FM

Educational Media Foundation Air1 K-Love Growth Evil EmpireEducational Media Foundation continues its growth in northern Illinois with the purchase of 92.5 WCPT-FM Dekalb IL from Newsweb’s WDEK Inc.

EMF will pay $1.6 million for the station which hits the western suburbs of Chicago and rimshots the Rockford market. It currently simulcasts Liberal Talk 820 WCPT Willow Springs/Chicago. EMF has yet to indicate which of its networks the station will rebroadcast as “K-Love” currently airs in Dekalb on a pair of translators while the 92.5 frequency would work to fill in regional gaps for that network beside 97.9 WCKL Chicago or “Air 1” WJKL Glendale Heights.

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  1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    It also appears to have good coverage of a significant portion of the LaSalle/Peru metro–although maybe not the core cities. Perhaps more importantly, though, DeKalb County is apparently non-metro–which might help for ownership-cap purposes.

  2. Chris says

    Northern Illinois and Chicagoland is overserved by K-Love and Air1. In the city of DeKalb, if 92.5 ends up as K-Love, there will be 3 full power FM’s and 2 translators that air K-Love. In the western burbs, the coverage would be similar. Parts of the northern burbs will have 4 full power FM stations that cover the area with a listenable signal (91.7, 92.5, 94.3 and 97.9).

  3. Nathan Obral says

    That signal has been through so much since its days as part of the “92KissFM” trimulcast 20 years ago…

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