Powell Sells Silent Panama City Trio

Powell Broadcasting Classic Rock 95.9 WRBA Hot 107.9 WPFM Kick'n Kickin 103.5 WKNK 105.1 Bob-FM WASJ Panama CityPowell Broadcasting has announced that it has sold the three Panama City FL stations that it took Silent following Hurricane Michael to Gulf Coast Broadcasting for $325,000. The buyer will begin operating the stations via LMA as soon as they return to the air.

The buyer, is headed by Samuel Rogatinsky who also owns Brokered Haitian 1340 WPBR Lantana/West Palm Beach and translators 96.1 W241AX Boca Raton, 97.5 W248CK Twentymile Bend, and the CP for 104.3 W282BG Grant FL. The company will receive the former “Classic Rock 95.9” WRBA Springfield, Country “Kick’n 103.5” WKNK Callaway, and Variety Hits “105.1 Bob-FM” WASJ Panama City Beach. The sale of the fourth station of the Powell Broadcasting Panama City cluster, CHR “Hot 107.9” WPFM Panama City to Educational Media Foundation just closed.

The cluster took damage from Hurricane Michael in October, but instead of rebuilding Powell decided to cease operations and dismiss its entire staff. No word yet on how quickly Gulf Coast Broadcasting intends to get these stations back on the air.

This is to announce that a contract has been signed and an application is being filed with the FCC for the transfer of radio stations WASJ-FM, WRBA- FM, and WKNK-FM, all in the Panama City, Florida DMA, from Powell Broadcasting, LLC to Gulf Coast Broadcasting, LLC.

The Seller, Powell Broadcasting, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Powell Group and owns radio stations in Sioux City, Iowa.

The Buyer, Gulf Coast Broadcasting, LLC, is a Florida-based company, headed by Samuel Rogatinsky. Samuel Rogatinsky is also the principal of Palm Beach Radio Group, LLC, which also owns Palm Beach radio stations WPBR 1340 AM, 96.1 FM, and 97.5 FM.

WASJ-FM operates at 105.1, with 50 kW at 335’ HAAT. WRBA-FM operates at 95.9, with 50 kW at 282’ HAAT. WKNK-FM operates at 103.5, with 100kW at 423’ HAAT.

KALIL & CO., INC. is the exclusive broker for this transaction.

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