Maryland Media One To Take Over RadioPA Network

RadioPA Radio PA Maryland Media One News NetworkMaryland Media One has announced it will take over operations of the Radio PA statewide network serving Pennsylvania.

Maryland Media One operates the Maryland News Network and the SFMSports network. The company will take over operations on April 16.

Radio PA affiliates had been notified on January 1 that the network, based at 89.5 WITF-FM Harrisburg, would be shutting down on April 15.

Radio PA, the state news and information network covering the Keystone state has a new owner. Maryland Media One, LLC, the owner of the Maryland News Network, will assume operations on April 16th.

“With the announcement of Radio PA closing it’s network in April, I was concerned with the affiliates that would lose content they rely on daily” said Maryland Media One President and CEO, Steve Clendenin. “I immediately explored options to assume the operations in Pennsylvania to keep the network alive.”

Radio PA’s current affiliates will continue to receive uninterrupted content delivery during the transition phase and will continue operating from Harrisburg.

Maryland Media One already operates one state network, Maryland News Network, which serves 35 affiliates. “I am a firm believer in the state network broadcast model,” explained Clendenin. “However, like all aspects in radio broadcasting, the model needs to be flexible. Radio PA’s future depends on the ability to super serve our affiliates and advertisers that need to reach the entire state and our model allows for that.”

Maryland Media One, LLC, is the owner and operation of the Maryland News Network, a member of the National Association of State Radio Networks, as well as SFMSports.Net, a digital college and high school sports broadcast platform. Maryland Media One is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.

To contact Maryland Media One, LLC, call 410-454-0020 x700 or email

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