Townsquare Media Stations Taken Down By Ransomware Attack

Townsquare MediaFor the second time in recent weeks a major station operator has been hit with a ransomeware attack.

Many Townsquare Media clusters were hit on Monday with cryptolocker encryption malware that took the station operations down. The company’s Shreveport LA cluster detailed the issues they faced on Monday morning which included the lack of automation triggers nor imaging and commercials. News/Talk 710 KEEL operated with satellite triggers for Fox News running in the background. Two local shows stayed on-air by playing music off of YouTube.

Other markets that we’ve heard were hit include Boise, Cedar Rapids, and Portsmouth NH. A similar attack hit Radio One’s stations at the end of February which took down their internal systems across the country. In that case it took some of the stations weeks to rebuild their file systems or even add new music to their playlists due to the damage the attack did the their computers.

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  1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    NorthPine notes this report from today about what happened in Cedar Rapids…

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