Stephens Media Group Acquires 37 Stations From Mapleton Communications

Stephens Media Group Mapleton CommunicationsStephens Media Group will pay $21 million for the 37 Mapleton Communications stations involved in the deal.

Stephens will also assume Mapleton’s programming rights to Flinn Broadcasting’s AC “Sunny 106.9” KEDG Alexandria LA and Mighty Media Group’s 105.7 K289CB Los Banos CA, which rebroadcasts Mapleton’s 1660 KBRE Merced CA.

Original Report 7/1: Stephens Media Group has announced it is acquiring 37 of Mapleton Communications stations across seven markets in four states.

Stephens will purchase Mapleton’s stations in Alexandria and Monroe LA, Merced, Monterey, and Redding CA, Medford OR, and Spokane WA. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The Tulsa OK based Stephens currently owns properties in Ardmore and Tulsa OK, Massena, Rochester, and Watertown NY, and Kennewick/Richland/Pasco and Yakima WA.

The only Mapleton stations not included in the deal are 1510 KSFN San Francisco and the three Chico CA stations sold in May to Bustos Media. Stephens will begin operating the stations immediately via LMA.

This is to announce that a contract has been signed and an application is being filed with the FCC for the transfer of thirty-seven radio stations from Mapleton Communications, LLC to Stephens Media Group. These radio stations operate in Medford, Oregon; Merced, Monterey, and Redding, California; Spokane, Washington; Alexandria and Monroe, Louisiana.

The Seller, Mapleton Communications, LLC, is a California-based company headed by Jim Shea. Mapleton also owns KSFN-AM in San Francisco and stations in Chico, California which are transferring to Bustos Media.

The Buyer, Stephens Media Group, is an Oklahoma-based company headed by David Stephens. Stephens Media Group also owns stations in Tulsa and Ardmore, Oklahoma; Watertown, Ogdensburg, Massena, and Rochester, New York; Yakima and the Tri-Cities, Washington. “These seven markets fit nicely within our company,” said Stephens Media Group owner, David Stephens. “This acquisition doubles our size, and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

The parties have agreed to an immediate LMA with Stephens Media Group for all the properties.

Stephens Media Group will be acquiring the following stations from Mapleton Communications, LLC:

Medford Stations
KCMX-AM operates at 880 kHz, with 1.0 kW day and 1.0 kW night.
KTMT-AM operates at 580 kHz, with 1.0 kW day and 1.0 kW night.
KAKT-FM operates at 105.1 MHz, with 52.0 kW at 545’ HAAT.
KCMX-FM operates at 101.9 MHz, with 42.0 kW at 1,470’ HAAT.
KTMT-FM operates at 93.7 MHz, with 31.0 kW at 3,215’ HAAT.
KBOY-FM operates at 95.7 MHz, with 60.0 kW at 981’ HAAT.

Merced Stations
KYOS-AM operates at 1480 kHz, with 5.0 kW day and 5.0 kW night.
KBRE-AM operates at 1660 kHz, with 10.0 kW day and 1.0 kW night.
KABX-FM operates at 97.5 MHz, with 8.8 kW at 1,161’ HAAT.
KHTN-FM operates at 104.7 MHz, with 1.9 kW at 2,080’ HAAT.
KLOQ-FM operates at 98.7 MHz, with 6.0 kW at 299’ HAAT.
KUBB-FM operates at 96.3 MHz, with 1.9 kW at 2,064’ HAAT.

Monterey Stations
KCDU-FM operates at 101.7 MHz, with 2.3 kW at 528’ HAAT.
KHIP-FM operates at 104.3 MHz, with 2.6 kW at 509’ HAAT.
KKHK-FM operates at 95.5 MHz, with 1.7 kW at 630’ HAAT.
KPIG-FM operates at 107.5 MHz, with 5.4 kW at 338’ HAAT.
KWAV-FM operates at 96.9 MHz, with 18.0 kW at 2,451’ HAAT.

Redding Stations
KNRO-AM operates at 1400 kHz, with 1.0 kW day and 1.0 kW night.
KQMS-AM operates at 1670 kHz, with 10.0 kW day and 1.0 kW night.
KWLZ-FM operates at 99.3 MHz, with 1.6 kW at 1,526’ HAAT.
KRDG-FM operates at 105.3 MHz, with 28.0 kW at 1,243’ HAAT.
KRRX-FM operates at 106.1 MHz, with 100.0 kW at 1,969’ HAAT.
KSHA-FM operates at 104.3 MHz, with 100.0 kW at 1,558’ HAAT.
KALF-FM operates at 95.7 MHz, with 7.0 kW at 1,266’ HAAT.

Spokane Stations
KGA-AM operates at 1510 kHz, with 50.0 kW day and 15.0 kW night.
KJRB-FM operates at 790 kHz, with 5.0 kW day and 3.8 kW night.
KZBD-AM operates at 105.7 MHz, with 100.0 kW day and 1,910’ HAAT.
KEYF-FM operates at 101.1 MHz, with 100.0 kW at 1,608’ HAAT.
KDRK-FM operates at 93.7 MHz, with 64.0 kW at 2,425’ HAAT.
KBBD-FM operates at 103.9 MHz, with 34.0 kW at 1,493’ HAAT.

Alexandria Stations
KBKK- FM operates at 105.5 MHz, with 6.0 kW at 318’ HAAT.
KEZP- FM operates at 104.3 MHz, with 19.2 kW at 374’ HAAT.
KLAA-FM operates at 103.5 MHz, with 50.0 kW at 476’ HAAT.

Monroe Stations
KMYY-FM operates at 92.3 MHz, with 25.0 kW at 310’ HAAT.
KNNW-FM operates at 103.1 MHz, with 25.0 kW at 328’ HAAT.
KXRR-FM operates at 106.1 MHz, with 100.0 kW at 1,017’ HAAT.
KZRZ-FM operates at 98.3 MHz, with 50.0 kW at 492’ HAAT.

KALIL & CO., INC. is the exclusive broker for this transaction.

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