iHeartMedia Launches 97.5 Kiss-FM Indianapolis

97.5 Kiss-FM Indianapolis WOLT-HD3After three weeks of running a redirect loop, iHeartMedia has launched CHR “97.5 Kiss-FM” W248AW/WOLT-HD3 Indianapolis.

The new format is launching commercial free with a promotion that if you hear a commercial the station will give away $10,000. The move brings the number of CHRs in the Indianapolis market back up to three as the station goes up against Cumulus Media’s 99.5 WZPL and Radio One’s “Radio Now 100.9” WNOW-FM.

W248AW was one of thirteen translators recently involved in a swap between iHeartMedia and Educational Media Foundation. Despite the change in ownership, it will continue to be programmed by iHeart after closing.

iHeartMedia Indianapolis announced the debut of the new 97.5 KISS FM, All the Hits, beginning today at 5 p.m. As part of the launch, 97.5 KISS FM will broadcast commercial-free.

The new station will also broadcast a blend of Contemporary Hit Radio music from top artists including Halsey, Jonas Brothers, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Post Malone and Drake. Listeners can also tune in to hear an array of on-air personalities including KD, Rucker, Jake B and Catalina.

“We are thrilled that our listeners can now listen to their favorite songs and hit music that they love without commercial interruption,” said Dave Hill, Senior Vice President of Programming for iHeartMedia Indianapolis. “97.5 KISS FM is going to energize our listeners and shakeup the Hit Radio/Top 40 landscape.”

“We are thrilled to bring the KISS-FM brand to Indy,” said Brett Beshore, Market President for iHeartMedia Indianapolis. “The music, events and personalities featured on 97.5 KISS FM is the perfect formula and will contribute to building a great audience for our advertisers.”

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  1. ma gee says

    Does anyone really believe that Indpls needed a third CHR? Experts, opinions please.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Need. Absolutely not.

      But programming decisions these days are about how to service the needs of the cluster or corporate interests and there iHeart felt they needed a CHR to either clear national programming and events or to counter WZPL/WNOW-FM. The iHeart Indianapolis cluster is very male leaning with Classic Rock, Alternative, Hip-Hop and Sports so they may simply have been looking for the safest female oriented format as well.

      1. StogieGuy says

        I’m sure you’re right, Lance. It’s clearly meant as a flanker and as a format to for placement in the sales portfolio as being geared toward younger females. But as far as listenership goes, this will go nowhere with it’s weaker signal that is up against full strength WZPL and class A WNOW-FM.

  2. ma gee says

    You’re absolutely right, Lance. Great reply. Just what I was hoping to read.

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