Pair of Louisville Changes

Way FM WayFM 105.9 Cool 93.9 104.3 WAYI Radio Disney ESPN 680 WDRD

A pair of stations have found new life in Louisville, KY. “Radio Disney 680” WDRD, which was expected to go dark on September 30 has instead been taken over by Kansas City based Union Broadcasting. Union, owners of Sports 810 WHB and “Hot Talk 1510” KCTE in that city have instead flipped WDRD to Sports running ESPN Radio.

Across town, WAY-FM Media Group has taken over operations of Cumulus’ silent 93.9 WLCL. Way-FM, which currently airs on 105.9 WAYI in the market seems to be indicating that the programming will be moving to 93.9.

Both 93.9 and 105.9 are Class A’s. 105.9, licensed to Valley Station, KY southwest of Louisville operates with 640 watts at 719 feet but with a CP to upgrade to 1270 watts at 509 feet. 93.9, licensed to Sellersburg, IN is licensed for 2650 watts at 499 feet, but it’s tower is located in downtown Louisville.

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